Physical gold going to $2K/ounce, and soon

Off to the races again.

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Good morning Nick. I David Anderson 35 am having a hard time posting on the forum. Not sure if my message has been reviewed by the help team. Thank you have a great day.

It worked this time. @danderson35

Thanks Roy, hopefully o just ask you my question. I am looking to purchase a therm. Camera for inspections. Ben suggested The C2.when shopping for it I found flir had. Gt267 160x120 pix. For the same price what are your thoughts. Thanks for your time.

I use an E8. If your going to be a professional buy professional equipment.
Save your money and buy the best.

Inspector Outlet has the best deals on IR cameras at

That said, I don’t think posting your question in a forum about gold prices is going to attract anyone who can help.


I bought when it was down about 9% the week of March 13th… Watching closely, hope you’re right.

So just buy actual gold or are gold ETF’s a good buy too?

Physical gold.

I hope you’re getting to know some of those ghost towns and abandoned mines since you moved out West, Nick!