Important Information on Renewing your Florida Home Inspector License

Many of you are concerned with your credits being reported to the DBPR by the end of the license renewal period that will be Wednesday, 7/31/24.

Please rest assured that your renewal credits are being submitted in a timely matter as long as you have your Florida license number entered in your InterNACHI member profile prior to completing the course.

The DBPR is concerned with your course completion date, not the date that the credits were applied, so as long as you complete the course within the current renewal period, you will be compliant.

As long as you complete the course within the renewal period (before Wednesday 7/31/24) you will be fine even if the credits aren’t showing yet. When you log into your DBPR account, it will show you the upcoming credit year, which has not started yet. There should be a drop-down menu at the top of your screen within your account on the DBPR website where you can choose the renewal period that you are viewing. If it defaults to the period beginning in August of 2024, you can select the previous period of August 2022 - July 2024, and you should see Your Wind Mitigation credits applied for that renewal period.

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Nice reminder, I got mine renewed earlier this month.


If you have had your license for more than 10 years then you don’t need CEU’s.


As Greg pointed out:


You are absolutely correct. This is a new change this year so it’s good to get the word out to our long-time operators.

You can renew now and it will automatically know if you’ve been licensed for 10 years or more. If you want to, you can wait until Tuesday to be sure.

Man I wish Illinois would do this regarding CE’s for license renewal. After renewing multiple times every 2 years this is getting very old and in my opinion useless. What’s even worse is fees for Radon licensing CE’s. That’s nothing but a money grabber. What all do you need to know to set up a radon monitor, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.