Continuing education/FL

My FL renewal is coming up, and I have to do the 14 hrs CE. The FL website is not very helpful, does anyone know if internachi courses are approved, (I’m sure they are), and how do you upload and prove they were done?

It says they send it to DBPR for you but I don’t think so… . …
Just got my HI & Mold renewals today.
They are approved for the most part.
I think the WindMit course is 16 hrs.
Our requirement is 14 with a least 2 in Wind so it’s covered in one course.

After you complete the course download it & send with your renewal.

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Go to your membership dashboard (not the forum dashboard), on the left go to Browse Courses, then on the left under the Filter by Approvals section put a check mark by Florida. It will show you the InterNACHI courses appoved by Florida.

After you take a course, download the certificate and send it in.


Thanks guys

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All of my credits transferred without a problem - but took about 2 weeks until they showed up.

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I was told the same thing, Jeremy…good info.

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The courses I took so far show in my DBPR account as long as they are approved by FL. I’m thinking DBPR will extract the required courses and update for renewal.

I just renewed mine to 7/31/2024 and the cost to remain active is $0.


:point_up_2: Same.

I took my wind mitigation course again yesterday (literally) and today I woke up to an email from the DBPR with my new license renewed until 2024. I didn’t have to do or pay anything. I didn’t have to send them anything either. Internachi automatically sent them that I took the course, and I can see it on my profile at my Florida license. As long as you make sure, BEFORE taking the final exam for any continuing education, that your license number is registered in internachi all the credits should automatically transfer over to the DBPR. At least that’s how it’s been for me.

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awesome, thanks for the all info. The Florida website is really annoying.

Was that the only course you need to take to satisfy all the requirements of Florida

@rwilliams48 For the continuing education, yes it was. It gave me the credits I needed.

Thanks for the info