Improper splices?

Are these proper splice equipment? Looks like speaker butt connectors.

I don’t think so, is this inside a panel? They should be wire nutted.

It is inside a panel. Some say there should be no splices in panels, but that is another discussion. I just want to know if the connectors are proper. I’m leaning toward further evaluation.

What is there to evaluate? Recommend correction, the electrical contractor will wire nut it.

Just because it’s sold at Home Depot doesn’t mean it is proper or meets code. They also sell plumbing drum traps, they aren’t allowed here.

Read the listing fool

Maybe this link will help you. There are certain butt splices which are accepted under certain met conditions and utilizing the correct crimping tools.


The some that are saying that are incorrect.

Splices are permitted in panels and butt splices, when used according to their listing, are permitted in lieu of wire nut style connectors.

If you’re saying that these are incorrect then you would need to determine that they’re not installed properly because of things like incorrect wire range, incorrect voltage or incorrect crimping device.

This type of splice and crimped pigtail connectors are commonly used in industrial systems because they are considered to be more reliable than wire nuts, which are usually banned by industrials for that reason. While not making a judgement myself, but just pointing out the preference of many industrial electrical design engineers. If I saw these in a panel, unless they looked burned, etc. I would consider them satisfactory.