More splices in the panel

I’m told it’s “all up to code”, but that could be the Code of the West for all we know or care. :stuck_out_tongue: This place was old enough to have a bit of everything. Since I couldn’t see inside those taped splices, I recommended an electrician take a better look. Are crimped connectors and tape acceptable in this situation?

John Kogel

07-03-08 023s.jpg

07-03-08 023s.jpg

07-03-08 026s.jpg

07-03-08 027s.jpg

Splices in a panel are OK as long as the connectors are UL approved. What is not approved is using the panel as a splice box where wires simply pass through.

I believe the black jumpers go to breakers on the left, although they appear to tbe passing through. I’m wondering if the wires are crimped and if so, do they appear to be approved connectors? Can’t be sure without pulling off the tape.

Regardless. Pic 2 shows some armature work…

An electrician installed the new panel and the feeder for the sub. :stuck_out_tongue: