In slab duct

Some things are just hard to UNsee!!!
Looks like feces in the ducts.

Ya can’t state what it is unless you taste it.:wink:

Do you just look in at the register of do you run a sewer cam down the ducts

Very important to check underground duct work.

Why is it important, explain your self young man;-)

Well, it could be transit. It could have water in it. It could have rodent activity, etc., etc. :wink:

Well what about transite??? What do you tell a client???:smiley:

…and tell us young man! How many taste tests out of the duct work have you done? :p:D

It may contain asbestos…it cracks easily…to let water and potential mold in, let alone bugs, etc. :slight_smile:

It does contain asbestos but its not friable!!! don’t cut into it

Also, The cut edges of this material are often rough and may release microscopic asbestos particles into the air if disturbed. The term for this condition is “friable”. This means that the ductwork probably shouldn’t be cleaned, for risk of creating airborne asbestos. :slight_smile:

Water in floor vents

We had a discussion on this forum back in 2009 about ducts beneath the slab foundation and I still get calls every now and then about water in the ducts especially when we have a lot of rain. I have had calls from as far away as New York.

That is a big mouse!

Taste it? What is it supposed to taste like:D

I check the registers with a mirror and flashlight. If there is rust, dirt, water etc. present I refer it for scoping and repair.

I remember a house a number of years ago that evidence of mice in every room. When I checked the ducts, there was mouse poison dumped in each register. Wow!

Someone once stated it taste like a Baby Ruth candy bar. I can not testify to that.

I bought a sewer camera and use it for a add on price for the embedded duct work as you know there are tons of slab foundation in Okla.

The sewer camera sounds like a better choice! :stuck_out_tongue: