Any chance this is not Asbestos ?

HVAC duct in floor of 1974 build.
Thought it was cement till I got all close and personal.

Please no boring needs testing answers as I want your opinion from experience.

[ATTACH]Hvac ducting closer.jpg[/ATTACH]

Hvac ducting closer.jpg

Hvac ducting closer.jpg

It looks like transite pipe to me Bob, which is a cement product.

But you say you thought it was cement until you got close?

Thanks but do you honestly think I am unaware of the site?

Asking for (your) opinion based on experience.
Did you look at my pictures?
Said in a pleasant tone.:slight_smile:

Yeah look at the closeup in my shot.
You can see what looks like a fiberglass cloth knit.Check it out near that seam.Can you see the pattern.?

Ya I noticed that. What did the texture feel like? Was it hard, soft, could you press into it?

That is the problem.
I looked at it visually only.Guess I have no choice but to recommend testing darn it.Hate scaring a young couple but better safe.

Floor vents are such a dumb idea in slabs from the ones I have seen. .

By midnight, before you’re finished with report, :slight_smile: I’m sure someone will be able to tell you what it is. Charley probably knows.

He he…what makes this story more interesting is that they were going to run a vent from the new addition furnace to the old side but left this vent as abandoned after going so far as to cut an opening.
They would have simply cut in the ceiling vents I suppose.:neutral:

Foreclosure ,so no straight answers.

Look like Transite to me . I put in a lot of miles of this stuff in about 1957 .
We used to cut the tapers by hand covered with dust for months air port lighting … Roy… Yes it had that pattern

So you think there is a good likelihood of asbestos Roy?

I understand Transite was made with asbestos

Thanks Roy,I called my client to let him know in advance since I thought it was concrete on site.
I suspect that may be why they were going to run all ceiling ducts originally.

That is correct Roy, and as a young man and you were my old man’s age, :mrgreen: I worked with transite very often. The interior of the pipe looked just like Bob’s post.
I don’t miss that dust from cutting with abrasive blades and no dust masks.
But I am still here. Without the research, I believe the aesbetos content was pretty low though. The dust in general was the culprit. :slight_smile:

Well they sure need cleaning and I will let the HVAC guy tell them more along with recommended testing.
Thanks guys I just want to be sure as much as possible.Normally I can tell asbestos right away.

If it is Transite, which contains asbestos, replacement is a better option. Especially being duct pipe.

1974 would be about right Transite still in use personally never had a problem with it unless jagged or broke up transite is about as slick as PVC

Transite pipe… yes asbestos. Simple enough answer for ya? :wink:

Guess I was correct to question.