INachi Advanced HVAC course

I just wanted to share my opinions on the HVAC course.

I am only on the middle part of the 2nd segment. But I gotta say after watching the first 6 hours I am impressed.

The filtration section was about 30-45 minutes and I was jaw struck on the amount of information that I was misinformed and uneducated on. I wish I would of purchased this course before I had my new dual fuel system installed as it would of saved me $850.

The reason is I thought an electrostatic filter was the best option. Turns out the course instructor said to take it and see how far you can throw it off the roof.

Do you know what Arrestance and dust spot mean in regards to filtration?
Do you know the purpose of filtration? Is it for equipment maintenance or IAQ?

I am going to watch the segment on filters again as there was a lot of info to retain.

The lab sessions and instructor are great.

Thanks to all involved on producing a quality course.

Now back to class!! In my pajamas:D


Enjoy. It is a great course. Here is the lead professor’s 6-page resume:

I like the 2 minute commercial too! :smiley:

My understanding after watching the filtration section(twice) pertaining to electrostatic filters are:

They are maintenace intensive, only good for fine particles and create ozone.

The main purpose of filtration is for equipment maintenace not IAQ.

The instructor stated he liked and used ring panel filters. I never heard of or have seen until this video.

Now I recently had my ductwork cleaned and a new dual fuel system installed and it sure seems like I have better air quality.

I have a 45 year old home with 45 years worth of accumulated dirt.

Now for IAQ I would buy a Portable air cleaner with a HEPA filter.

But I understand what he is teaching.

So if I had to do over again I would have installed a medium efficiency throw away filter. I would of still had my ducts cleaned, but I would have the HVAC contractor use mastic or sealant at all air distribution system connections instead of foil tape.

Now here is a question or circumstance:

Lets say you have a filter that is extremely dirty in the system. Or lets say you place a piece of carboard in place of the filter.
Does the blower work harder, the same or less?

Works less with a dirty filter

??? "Danger! Danger Will Robertson! ???

Increased negative static pressure reduces power consumption!!!


Had one of those moments!!!

Please expound on your post. I’m sure you have a good perspective for this.

I meant motor amperage
will be less
furnace efficiency will not be less of course

lol count me as dr smith

David, If you want info on an effective and cost effective air filter that does not reduce air flow that may take out your compressor, drop me an email.

I don’t want to go through this, except for your own house.
If you need to know, I’ll follow up.

I do not know if it is available in your area, but I will get you one and ship it to you.

I am not a vendor and do not want to “Justify” this to 9,000 NACHI members.


Thank you Sir!:stuck_out_tongue:

Dave you have mail!!

Ok in segment three he briefly talks about Heat Pumps(Will be thouroughly discussed in cooling section)

He states only efficient to 35-40 degrees. Mine is set at 30 and could even be set lower.

He states that if you have gas you do not need a Heat pump. That electric is more expensive. That is BS, gas is way more expensive around here. Does this guy not know of dual fuel systems. I had my system installed in September and I am saving big $$$ on energy costs.

My neighbors are paying huge gas bills now and mine have been a lot less than last year.

This bill I used 2MCF less than previous year but the temp was 7 degrees colder than previous.

The month before I used only 1/3 of the gas from previous year.

Just my thoughts but I like the option of using gas or electric heat.

David I am in middle of a self imposed test at the moment I installed a new duel fuel heat pump last July and have been operating strictly on heat pump I do not allow the gas furnace to come on, my coldest night has been 11 degrees my test is to operate all this winter on the heat pump and next winter I will operate strictly on gas and then the next winter a combination of both and then make my comparisons.

I am at the end of the course and was about to take the final examination and it keeps giving me an error message. Has to do with a conflict of email address. My registered email on the course is correct and the one on Nachi is correct. Is there away to edit a Nachi TV email address?

It seems no one at Nachi is around to help.

What good is a course if you can not take the final test. I would like to take it today when the material is fresh in my mind and I have time. Not when it is convenient for the Nachi support to be around.

Big disappointment.

Save you money. Take the free online HVAC course. The only really good portion on this was the filtration and the labs. This course should be free to members.

Thanks for sharing that info, and for being the course guinea pig. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I feel like a pig and Nachi is a big Rat.

Been trying to take this test for over an hour of messing around.
I keep getting this crummy message.


Our records indicate that you have not yet watched the online class at NACHI.TV. Did you use a username or e-mail address other than If so, enter it below. Otherwise, please watch the online class and then return to this page.

What a bunch of crap. Great support to. What is with the BS. Fast reply at Nachi. What is fast, the next day.

Anyone want to by the HVAC online course 189 page PDF book?

Just look at it this way. You just saved $200 dollars on my behalf.

David it is Sunday not a work day. As for NACHI’s free online HVAC course am I missing something? Where it is? Probably me just being asleep.

Wish I could help David. I had similar problems with another course a few months ago. Which is why I’ve been leery on taking any pay per view courses. I took the new free Radon course good for 12 hrs. EC’s in 3 1/2 including test. Glad I didn’t pay for that.

Chris did you come across any Radon requirements in MO? Once you take the NACHI exam your certified is that it?

I understand about being Sunday but I would say a lot of Home inspectors work on Sunday.

Ben Is trying to help me with the course test.

I am sorry. The HVAC course that I thought was online was one I took that was at a class sponserd by Nachi.
I apolagize for my communication error.

You’re certified by IAC2, which I just found out I am after taking a 12 hr course in 3 1/2 hrs. I would not feel comfortable with this “training” to offer Radon Testing. I couldn’t anyway, the course is not approved in IL. which also requires a special Lic.

Mo. does not have Radon Lic. and I’m not exactly sure what, if any, legal requirements they have. Below is what they recommend.
“If a firm is hired we recommend they be in the National Environmental Health Association National Radon Proficiency Program.”