Online, video, commercial HVAC inspection course.

That looks great, Nick. Will it be only available to iNACHI members? I want two of my guys besides myself to take this course, but they haven’t yet signed up for membership. I’m encouraging them to do so, because your educational offerings are second to none as far as availability, convenience, thoroughness, and student friendliness.

There, I said it for all the world to see.

Bill Mullen RHI, CMI
CAHPI Past President

Accurate statement Bill

It must have hit a nerve with someone because your buddy Brian MacNeish cut and pasted it and sent it to my friends at CAHPI in an attempt to discredit me.

Well Mr. MacNeish, I’m not sure how you figured that would play out, but it tells me exactly what kind of a person you are.

If you are so badly misinformed as to think Blaine Swan or Mike Guihan have any control over me you are very badly mistaken.

Bill Mullen RHI CMI
CAHPI Past President

Brian MacNeish sounds like a junior high school girl.


On these boards, you’ve invited me to sit with you at the Inspector Success seminar in Toronto and a few weeks ago, you asked me to call you!!! Do you want a date???

I have to agree with you Bill.
As a new guest here at iNachi I was able to take in a few videos and the on-line inspectors/ethics test and I think they are superbly done. I can’t wait until I join iNachi to take all of the on-line courses that are offered.

Hi Brian,

Are you homosexual?

This is not a dating board. I’ve had to say “No” to Nick twice already!!

I had the date of the century on this very message board.

BTW You didn’t answer the inspectors question! Are you a homosexual?

Just a$$holes having fun Bill, if macneish had any kind of a life he wouldn’t have the need to do what he did!

Is that Mike Guihan the Invisible Man? The guy who hadn’t a clue on the National and let Bill Mullen do all the talking?

Mario wants to know if Brian is a homosexual because Mario desperately wants to come out of the closet with his wifes clothes on! :mrgreen:

hhhmmm! Not a married man!!?? You looking for a guy date also?? What’s with Nick and now you??

My wife/partner of 32 years will never agree even if I was in a coma!!! But she would probably tell you my orientation when she comes back from Libya in a couple of weeks!!!

Hey if I had Marios looks I would have a head transplant! Okay at the very least a hair transplant! :mrgreen:


I have a funny feeling that you are in fact a Homosexual along with your side kick that registered only Today!! My mother always said that you are judged from the company you keep.

I have received a VERY interesting e-mail from an iNachi member that identifies the user “Silly Mario” as one Raymond Wand. If in fact that is correct than I’m quite sure that this is the guy that the entire student body of the technical division at George Brown College referred to as a Royal Flame. He had an incident at Humber College that was photographed and distributed for all to witness. He was doing the “Bob” on his best friend. I thought the name sounded very familiar.
Have you been in the Toronto area in recent years?

Raymond Wand- You should really tell your wife about your Homosexuality, it’s not a crime. She will understand, she will also not wonder why her panties are disappearing.

Well now we know John Lee is not who he says he is! Looks like another moron hung up on sexual orientation. Not that there is anything wrong with lesbians. I think I am a lesbian, I like other women! :mrgreen:

Hey ask Mario Kyriacou about the concealed unregistered handgun he has and why the police paid him a visit.

Mario Kyriacou spun the story to read Humber College, now he spins another story that it was George Brown College. I think you and Mario are backseat boys!

Are you sure you are not Raymond Wand?

Are you a women?