Inachi Cage Match

Perhaps we could start an INACHI cage match. Nick could make a INACHI Pay Per View event and the money could go to charity, or to Nick.

Any contenders out there, or perhaps a grudge that needs to be settled?

I challenge Roy Cooke! Best two out of three . . . . . ummm better make that best 4 out of seven. He is a wirey old bird and he knows how to fight dirty.

On second thought, I withdraw my challenge.

Last I heard, Peter Doane was waiting for his back to heal before challenging Paige to a jello match on INachi PPV. I know he has his first job tomorrow after surgery so hopefully he can climb in the ring shortly.

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: he said jello

Send Peter my best Stephen.

Perfect idea
Put all the vendeta guys on a permenent thread.

Thats vendetta not vendeta. And permanent not permenent. :wink:

Great perhaps the first match could be for smell checkers. :twisted:

who needs spell check …we got the wand…just another benefit…what a country !!!

Will betting be allowed?

Gary Porter vs Carl Pennick

Someone say Jello??? :mrgreen:


Peter Russell VS the new NACHI censor