HELP!! Tommy (Decebal Adamescu) with a NACHI membership

DELETED This thread/ msg. is not needed anymore as Nick has announced Tommy is now a member! Congrats to Tommy.

Peter, You may want to delete this message now!

Who is Tommy? Did I miss a post?

Tommy is a new fellow brother of this massive organization. Just a misunderstanding! All is good!

Tommy is one of the good ole boys.

Where’ve you been, hibernating or digging out :smiley:


You don’t want to know.

Hi Peter,
Thank you very, very much for your thoughtfulness. I deeply appreciate your gesture. You are a good and kind person in the American way. This spirit of greatness by helping another human being in need is one thing I liked and appreciate the most in this life and in this blessed country. Your thought warmed my heart, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated it. There are two NACHI members that I know and I am proud to say I greatly appreciate thanks to their honesty and great personality: You and Robert H.
If I ever could do anything for you, just name it. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.
Tommy Decebal Adamescu