INACHI Official Position on Home Inspector Licensing

Anyone know what the INACHI official position is???

I read an awful of threads and posts that are Anti Licensing, and would like to know what the official position is of this organization?

The last position that I know of is:

As long as it is not biased towards any association then NACHI has no position.

Greg Bell is correct.

Is there then an official list of which States have Licensing laws that INACHI has a problem with???

Most home inspector licensing laws harm inspectors of different associations equally. None harm InterNACHI members particularly.

So Nick if you are saying " Most home inspector licensing laws harm inspectors equally", would this not show you/INACHI to have a bias against HI licensing???

Leaders of other associations have complained from time to time that state licensing boards are “pro-InterNACHI” because of all the approvals we’ve been awarded (right column of ) but those approvals were well earned.

I do not recall caring a rats *** about leaders of other orgs…

I get the feeling that the org I belong to is Anti HI Licensing, in any way shape or form. Just want it to be spelled out concisely so there is no confusion.


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I’m Booked Solid week after week after week…just like Brian is, and I love Licensing, 3/4’s of our Inspectors went out of business because of it----:stuck_out_tongue:

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How could anyone think that NACHI (Nick) is anti-licensing? A simple look around the board on any given day reveals a post where more & more states are adopting NACHI based video training for various continuing education and/or licensing pre-requisites.

Check out this link where I searched for "X approves InterNACHI’s online video training for X hours of continuing education"

Without the gift of licensing these courses would most likely never exist. No, my friend NACHI is not anti-licensing, no home inspector organization is.

link goes nowhere.

I guess the search criteria gets purged after a while, anyway all I did was to search on the word “online” in the Legislation section, all the references pop up.

On this issue my personal opinion (which is well known) differs from InterNACHI’s generally neutral stance.

In a down economy, the time is right to step up. Do a national test. Advertise in national RE magazines. Buy spots on their sites. Start pushing. You have the greatest home inspectors in the world, who will do anything to help push your orginization; use your resources. Listen. Get out there. Promote yourself. Let the media know that you are there. Tell the people of the USA about us, you, and what you mean to them. All of us would gain from it.

Again, we can do anything. But if we release a licensing exam, even for free, InterNACHI members are harmed because no state will permit us to administer it to InterNACHI members only.

It is simple-think to figure that an inexpensive licensing exam helps you. It only helps you if we aren’t forced to offer it to your non-member competitors.

Only that which gives InterNACHI members a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OVER non-members helps members.

That is why, as Joe Burkeson points out, we offer free, state-approved, online continuing education that requires no travel costs, no fees, no business down-time, etc. This gives InterNACHI members in licensed states a competitive advantage over their non-member competitors. A free licensing exam would not.

I and InterNACHI are in complete agreement that non-members should die and go to hell. Put more softly, we have no duty to non-members.