Does InterNACHI do better in licensed or unlicensed states?

Top 12 InterNACHI markets in order:

  1. Florida: Licensed.
  2. Ontario: Unlicensed.
  3. California: Unlicensed.
  4. Texas: Licensed.
  5. New York: Licensed.
  6. Colorado: Unlicensed.
  7. Pennsylvania: Regulated.
  8. Georgia: Unlicensed.
  9. Alberta: Licensed.
  10. Illinois: Licensed.
  11. Ohio: Unlicensed.
  12. Washington: Licensed.

Notice a pattern?

Neither do I… because there isn’t one. InterNACHI does well in licensed and unlicensed markets.

After reading the thread title and before I even read the post, I said to myself, “I don’t think it really matters”. Because, frankly, licensing hasn’t solved a thing. All the same concerns **of the home inspectors **are still there. Licensing has only muddied the water, placed new unnecessary restrictions to no end but costs the businessmen money, time and at least in FL it is froth with confusion, contradictory elements within the law and I can hardly wait to see the SOP.

Nick, we (FAPHI) talked about this stuff well over 7 yrs ago. Everything we said would happen has come to past and I suspect things we never even thought of are yet to come. I am not sure why some think a board is going to do what the law failed to accomplish.

Doug … That’s funny, because I thought the same thing when I read the title on this thread, that I don’t think it matters ! I just left a meeting with the owner of a RE Brokerage, after booking an inspection and he was impressed with InterNACHI. I don’t think he really cared if HI’s are licensed or not or what Association you belong to, as long as the HI is thorough and professional. He invited me to the next RE Agent meeting.

Yes… they’re all states with higher populations. Low population states get the shaft! :shock:

Just sayin’. :wink:


Take the populations in those states, and divide it by the number of InterNACHI inspectors. Then do the ranking.

Licensing has so dumbed-down our profession that most RE’s no longer suggest home inspections because of the basic, minimum SOP’s and state standards that ASHI pushed into play, and the RE’s wanted. Now they brag about how most inspectors write soft, basic reports, and charge cheap prices. Cheap is cheap. Here, price is all that matters, even if you do get a call at all.

Those that do business here, and most other states, pay for vendor lists, contests, and RE office food to get any business at all.

You know the drill. It has been discussed here many times. Answer is neither.

And right you are. :smiley:

Rank by Populations

Almost all of my competition is ASHI. We need a higher NACHI presence in VA

Minnesota (land of NAHI & ASHI & IHINA)… Population 5.2 million… current Nachi members… 65

Illinois is 16 per million and considered **STRONG. OK :roll:

Updated using April 27, 2012 membership data:

Now that is informational. Good job, Nick.

Seems that alot of states have very few members, and ASHI must be the strongest in those. A little InterNACHI marketing would help us.

ASHI is now down to about 1/3 of our membership and of those few left, 25% are also InterNACHI.

MN is listed two times and MT is not listed, looks like the 2nd MN should be MT…

MN numbers do not match either comparing chart and list at top.

Minnesota: 14,606 consumers per member.

MN Consumers per member 59,550

Fixed, thanks.

I assumed the second one was Manitoba, Canada.:wink:

Told you lower population states get the shaft! :mrgreen: