INACHI Online Test- Not Working!

Hello all,
I am having trouble getting onto the online test. It keeps coming up with an error. I am taking the NYS test on Monday and need to brush up!!! I know there was a big update. I wonder if that has something to do with it? Any input?

There does seem to be a problem…

If one goes here:

…and clicks on:

Take the free, online exam now

It brings up this page:

…with this error message:

MDB Error: connect failed

You can send a request for repair message to

Exactly!!! I did do the fast reply email as well, no reply yet.

I will be joining InterNACHI soon. I can’t wait to not have that red disclaimer on my posts!!!

Still no action with the test site!!

Check out nick’s post on another thread:
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FYI: InterNACHI Exam system live this morning after successful upgrade.
Our online exam system has been upgraded this morning to include improved live-time weakness recognition.

We’re sorry for any inconveniences during this upgrade now successfully completed.

It works now, but it is so slow I couldn’t even finish the test. Usually I finish with lots of time!! Oh well, today is my NYS test. I think I’m ready!!