Electrical Exam Error

A few issues while trying to take my electrical final exam today. During the exam, any questions that referred me to a picture, the pictures showed to be unavailable. Resulting me to guess on quite a few questions. Also a great reason that I just barely failed my exam. Anyone experiencing this issue and if so, how did you get it resolved. Second, is it always hard to get in contact with someone from InterNACHI? Every avenue I take using the “contact us” feature takes me to a dead end. I would prefer to get in contact with someone before I attempt another exam. Thanks for the help.

Have you tried fastreply@internachi.org or reaching out to Ben @bgromicko1 ?

I have not but definitely will give it a try. I’ve looked all over for some sort of email and couldn’t find it. Thank you very much for response Sir.

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Try a different browser it will work.

Whenever you are doing courses with videos and pictures, you are supposed to pay attention and take notes. If you are not sure what they were talking about in the video, watch it again, they will ask questions about the video in the exam, the videos and pics are not available when taking the exam, some times they will ask off the wall questions on the exam to see if you were taking in the details of the video. What color is Ben’s shirt in video 2?

Also try education@internachi.org

Hi, @ngreenroyd. Sorry to hear about your experience. We can take a closer look on our end.

The best way to get in contact with your Education Team is at education@internachi.org. They work for you. They’re all listed on www.nachi.org/contact too. That email is the best way to contact them about any issues related to the curriculum.

If you could email them and include the link to the course (we have several electrical courses), that would be great. A screenshot is often helpful.

In general, don’t use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Members often say that browser is a bit clunky. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari seem to work fairly reliably.

And feel free to include me in the email to your Education Team (ben@internachi.org).

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