Inch And A Half Drop In Closet Upstairs

While walking upstairs at a home inspection, I felt the floor go downhill
in the closet next to the upstairs Bathroom.

After looking around I found the second story floor joist had sags of about
an inch in a half within 4 ft of the higher area of the floor, in several
areas upstairs. Upon close examination, I found ceilings below that
had very professional repairs to the sheetrock, to cover some previous
defects in these areas. The plywood floors upstairs were creaking and
showed several repair areas as well (no carpet was on the plywood,
but only a textured covering). This house was 12 years old and
looked like a polished cherry at first glance.

I confirmed my findings with a water level (50 foot hose) that I carry
to every inspection. - Water Level.](

I called for a structural Engineer to do further inspections in the areas
of the sagging floor joist and previous repairs.

Had there been previous flooding upstairs? I don’t know. Did they
over stretch the joist or use inferior materials? Something was wrong,
but unless you looked very carefully, it was hard to see.

Pay attention to what your feet tell you…:wink:

I had one like that a few years ago. Went to the wall holding floor on the main level. Could shake it with one hand. Severe termite damage. The house sold about six months later for the price of the lot.