Why is the bedroom floor sagging?

Probably because there are 12 joists which have broken away from the rim joist…needless to say I was asking myself…“why am I under here taking pictures…I think I need to back out as quickly as possible”.

8652 Lee St. Mt.Pleasant 043a.jpg

8652 Lee St. Mt.Pleasant 044a.jpg

Don’t you where a hard hat? another gem . Let me guess country charm with loving care, a great starter home in the description.

just nuts…glad you made it out of there Jeff…so what did you report?

Jeff, you drove a long way from Concord to do that inspection (Mt. Pleasant?). Must have made some $$ on that one.

I told her that the floor joist needed a few more nails (laugh).

Actually I was called out as a contractor… met the lady during Thanksgiving dinner. She asked if I had time to come out and look at the floor on a Saturday…what the heck, it was only 5 minutes away.

There is at least $10,000 - $15,000 worth of repairs (if not more)…most of it being labor. Would be a nice little side job…