Incorrect crawl space advice from BC

Shell Busey, The ProvinceJanuary 23, 2011 12:06 AM

Q: We have a crawl space with a cement floor. We recently had a home inspection, and were advised to seal the crawl space vents. The inspector also advised us to insulate our crawl space and increase the insulation in our attic. Which task should we take care of first? Thanks. Ken
A: Ceiling first, second crawl space; cut a piece of foam insulation to sit in front of vents in the winter months and remove in the spring.
Crawl spaces become a forgotten area in many homes, as they are normally dark and smelly. Here is what to do:

  1. Consider installing a Humidex crawl space ventilation device to control odours and high humidity levels. You can find out more about the Humidex products and the location of a dealer near you by visiting their website at www.humidex.caor calling their toll-free number at 1-800-416-9111.
  2. Wash the entire area using the Shell Busey Home cleaning formula, rinse well and allow it to dry.
  3. Apply Aqua Seal concrete sealer (Available from Cloverdale Paint and Windsor Plywood Stores) to entire floor and concrete walls. Apply by puddling it out on to the floor, allowing it to really seep into the concrete and rolling with a heavy nap roller; allow it to dry.
  4. Apply 1 1/2-inch rigid foam insulation to all walls from the underside of the floor joists 24 inches below outside ground grade level; this has an adhesive for this application to make the job nice and easy.
  5. Insulate using batt insulation and vapour barrier between joists over top of concrete foundation wall and seal with acoustical caulking. Roxul Insulation is an excellent choice for this area, available at all Building Supply Centres.
  6. Apply Reflectix foil insulation to the underside of floor joists. Staple to the floor joists and wherever there is a seam, be sure to tape it with the recommended tape for the Reflectix product. To locate Reflectix, call Twin Maple Marketing, the distributor of the product at 1-800-663-8898.
    There is a system called Clean-Space, by Basement Systems. This system totally encapsulates your crawl space, completely stopping moisture from passing through to the home, including moisture from the dirt below and water vapour from dirt and concrete walls. If you are not able or do not want to do this project yourself, you can contact them to visit your home for a consultation. Toll-free, they can be reached at 1-888-379-3456.
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You really have a hate on for BC…what’s up? You really royally P—Ed off at the gov there because they regulated HI’s (and didn’t recognize MICB/CMI/ INACHI) and in almost 2 years since, there have been no big blow-ups…things seem to be working alright.

Go to Ren Molnar’s (Ontario’s counterpart to Shell Bussey) website and see how correct he is!!

So you see nothing wrong to advertise incorrect repairs .
Amateurs teach amateurs to be amateurs .
No I just post what comes to me from Google .
I have no control over how things are done in BC.
It Looks like they are having many dificulities when so many concerns are sent out .
It looks to me like you have a BIG problem with my posting information .
I guess the truth does upset you .
If You look at my posts many are from other places .
Sorry if you do not like what I post it is you who has a closed door attitude .
Please keep crying it shows you are a big Baby

For Brian this is what I received in my morning mail .Please have a look BABY
How to fix crawl space
The Province
We recently had a home inspection, and were advised to seal the crawl space vents. The inspector also advised us to insulate our crawl space and increase
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Well, Shell and Ren are true entrepreneurs and have done well for themselves in the open market without government help…never see/hear them on CBC!! To most of the population, they (and little Mikey)are “the” experts!!!

That’s a sad commentary about the general knowledge of the public… and the building industry also!! That’s what Nick counts on to keep his org growing…a very uninformed public…contrary to what Bushhart likes to claim in his tirades against licensing.

HI’s that are against HI regulation say these “smart” folks will be able to make a good choice when hiring an HI* that gets turned out by a diploma mills (*that may be themselves). They are afraid of good regulation since they will/ may have to go back to school when higher requirements are brought in…that’s what happened in BC and through CAHPI-Atlantic when RHI requirements were raised! This has to be good for the industry overall!

Shell and Ren are true entrepreneurs and have done well for themselves in the open market without government help…never see/hear them on CBC!! To most .
So now you are infavour of open market, Interesting.
contrary to what Bushhart
Gee you wander a lot How did we get to Bushart .
They are afraid of good regulation since
Who is They in above .
This has to be good for the industry overall
Now I find that interesting IO would like some facts .
It seems from the get go lots of posts but zero facts …BABY



Guess you didn’t catch the sarcasm in my post…it’s like talking to the wall!

Still waiting Brian;


You seem to want to defend the situation in B.C. whose licensing programme was based on the claimed incompetence of Canadian Inspectors, so how about providing some statistics to back up the claims? “Just the facts mam’”

How do you know that?..Were you privy to meetings or internal documents? Did you consult to the BC government? Did you even add anything to the public consultation process?

More of THREE LITTLE AMIGOS process…Use the BIG THREE I’s-Insinuation, Inference, Innuendo- no facts or truths in your head!

And do you believe, as Roy does, that 1 person has caused the BC government to move to licensing? Fantasy is now running wild! Or is it paranoia?

Brian, what did you add to the BC licencing requirements? Better still what have you added to the profession? Not much by appearance, you never seem to be able to practice what you routinely preach.

The single biggest court ordered payout $190,000.00 for an incompetent inspection was a CAHPI licenced inspector in BC. If CAHPI inspectors and their training is so great why are they the ones that are always in court?

Don’t you remember I am not a member of CAHPI?

I believe the individual was an architect also…what does that tell you?

How many CAHPI inspectors and how many INACHI inspectors were in the CBC grow-op program?

BTW, are you still not able to operate legally as a home inspector in BC?

Brian, are you now contending that the B.C. fiasco was NOT based on the CAHPI /NATIONAL model? If so, I think you will be getting a call from your handlers very soon to set you straight again. After all, we have been treated to claims that the national inspired the B.C. mess ever since licensing was imposed there, are you now claiming otherwise? ( I think I hear your phone ringing !! :smiley: :roll: You go and answer that. We’ll wait. )

All the inspectors featured in CBC expose are from OAHI-CAHPI.

That is why CBC only interviewed the OAHI Al Presidente (Glen Google) and no other association president.

Personally, I am left with a sense of sympathy for Brian.
It seems like as an elite Home Inspector he has ostracized himself so much from his colleagues
that he has now not only become his own best friend but also his biggest fan.
Hopefully Brian will learn from this experience and become better for it,
but being as insulated as he is, it’s hard to imagine that will be the case.

Raymond you must have missed the thread about this about 5-6 months ago.

I told Roy that from the program I had identified an Inachi only inspector by name and asked him to call me for the name…still waiting!

I eventually identified the original inspection company…from Burlington if I remember correctly…I don’t save all this stuff like Roy does!

Brian I wonder why you so frequently post incorrect information.

Wrong again Brian you did not ask me to call you .
If you had of wanted contact with me a post on a forum is a very poor method of comunication .
My info is on all my nachi posts so any one who wants to comunicate with me can

Peddling backwards again, Roy…you must be getting tired for a senior citizen!

You are on the boards so much that I can’t imagine you didn’t see my post…and now you are trying to stop the continued embarassment you are bringing to yourself.

from post #16:
"I can prove that at least 1 of the “certified” HI’s is Inachi and I can give you his name and his company name. BTW, why haven’t you called about this??"

Roy’s reply in post #17:
"NO it is not an OAHI/CAHPI problem only . It is your’s ,mine and our industry problem .
But if you saw the program only OAHI/CAHPI sign was shown "

Can you talk to AMIGO Wand and show him that his hatred of his past has clouded both his memory and reasoning?

I have no idea what you are talking about ,You are trying I said things I know nothing about you sure are a mixed up person . You talk in riddles I wonder oif you even know what you are talking about … I just got letter from
P.O. BOX 3079
THE NETHERLANDS Sounds like a some you you might know …they too are a bit addled .Please try and not eat too many of those fish you are talking about or you might need to get a big BRA

So you cannot even “remember” something that is in post’s on these board. Get AMIGO Wand to help you…he usually is quite lucid!

Guess I’m talking to the wall again!! Oh… where’s AMIGO Wand when I need someone to talk to??

Are you still inspecting homes?