Indiana License state?

Quick question, is Indiana a HI license state?
My sister in IN is looking at a house, and wants me to “look at it”.

The REA (in In) says IN is NOT a license state, but I don’t put much stock in that.

Or perhaps I should refer to a HI around Indianapolis?

Input please

Yes it is for home inspections.

And all our courses are approved for continuing edcuation by law in Indiana:

There would be nothing wrong if you were to “look at the house” for your sister. You just can’t charge her… (wink-wink).:slight_smile: [FONT=Verdana][size=2]Some people can probe a little deeper than others, whether they’re inspectors or not. If you see something of concern, or if the financing requires a home inspection, then she can hire a HI. But you can go with her to see the house again, provided the owners don’t mind.[/size][/FONT]

And, oh yes, don’t drive your marked truck or display signs…the local constabulary may not appreciate it.

Indiana Licensure (P.L. 145 enacted In 2004). P.L. 145 established the Home Inspectors Licensing Board to regulate home inspectors and associate home inspectors. The Board shall be responsible for setting the fees for licenses, investigating complaints concerning licensees and establishing continuing education requirements. The Board shall adopt a code of ethics, standards for competent performance of home inspections and standards for inspection reports. Under P.L. 145, licensing requires that a candidate: 1) be at least 18 years of age, 2) graduated from high school or earned a GED diploma, 3) not have been convicted of specific crimes, 4) complete a Board approved training program or course and pass an exam approved by the Board, 5) carry general liability insurance coverage of at least $100,000 and 6) pay a fee. The law also provides that a person who performs home inspections for compensation without a license commits a Class B Infraction. It also provides that any civil complaints based upon the profes sional services of a licensed home inspector must be filed within two years of the date the alleged Infraction occurred. This law takes effect July 1, 2004.
For more information contact the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency at (317) 234-3009 phone or (317) 232-2312 fax, or Email:
To download the law go here

What is it about a 5-6 hour ride down there for you Michael? It could be a fun overnight with family. :smiley:

I have done home inspections, In Indiana, for my Mother and Niece, but I did not charge them (even though my Mother tried to insist).

This is perfectly legal. You have to be licensed only if you take a fee.

If you don’t want the drive, call Ken Jones. He can do it or knows someone who can.

Hope this helps;

Thanks guys, you answered all my questions. .

Larry, Yes thought about taking the whole Family, but I wouldn’t get anything done :slight_smile:

Will, If I should decide not to drive, I will call Ken. Thanks.

I understand…I was thinking more along the lines that your sister is family. :slight_smile:

Mike, I cover all of northwest Indiana and southern Michigan. Give me a call. I’ll inspect it for her. If I cant then we have a small group of inspectors that work with each other. Ken Jones included.

I appreciate it Matt.
She is in the Indy area. Out of your region?
I definitely will email you if I need a inspection/reference.

Yeah thats to far for me. I put in a call this evening to a buddy that has 2 brothers in indy. He’s slow right now and could use the work. I’ll let you know.
When will she need the inspection?
Let me know.

They are in preliminary stages of purchase.
I will email when I know something.
I assume they use a report software, and take pictures? Of course NACHI certified?

Yes sir, he uses Inspector FX. He name is Dan Catron, Home Town Inspections.
I talked to him today and he said he would do it .

Google maps says 140 miles from Laporte to Anderson. nearly 2 Hours. That’s too far for me normally, too far for Daniel Cantron?

He has some family in the area that he goes to see. If he knew the day she needed the inspection he would arrange it.

LoL so do I…
Sorry Fellas, deal fell through.