Indiana Professional Licensing Agency Approves InterNACHI Member as an Instructor

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency PLA approves InterNACHI member David A. Warren as an approved real estate instructor.

Boost your inspection business by becoming an instructor.


My name is Chuck Beardsley I’m coming from a Civil Design Profession and Sales designing, inspecting and managing both residential, commercial and capital projects for government angencies.i have designed roads, bridge systems, inspected concrete structures, beams, roads , foundations and utilities I am also half native American registered with the Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. I have never used any benefits being native because I’m a 1/8th of 4 tribes. I was able to register with my Pawnee tribe ten years ago. I’m at a cross roads and very intrested in becoming a master inspector I’m curious if my civil engineering experience (20 years)would count as credits to obtain my license ?? Also for the last 6 months i have been inspecting commercial and residential roofing damage from the wind and hail storms last summer in Tucson.
If there is any feedback you might suggest I would greatly appreciate it.

Chuck Beardsley