indoor fire pit

First time to post, something I have not seen before, indoor fire pit. I have not inspected the home yet but I pulled the home up in the MLS. See what you all think. My first impression is a fire hazard, no firescreen.


Wow! Mine too. No fire screen and no protection for wood panel walls.

Whats sad is the Realtor probably thinks it’s a great selling point.

Talk about a death trap. I would love to hear what the guy said who installed the hood. I bet it was a complete homeowner special.

Looks like it’s in some sort of atrium. Probably dirt/gravel instead of flooring. Might even be open at the top, but it’s awfully close to that wooden siding…

I don’t think I would use it.

Noe, a fire hazard.
Here are my thoughts (without having measurements)…
No visible clearance reduction system in place, causing the ignition source to be too close to combustible wall surfaces (36 inches). This device is a safety hazard and should not be used until it is evaluated by the authority having jurisdiction.

I love it… But it needs a Level 2 Inspection at the minimum…

I wonder how the duck feels about? :slight_smile:

Very romantic.


Everyone is correct on their concerns for the fire hazards presented. You should also be concerned about excessive water/moisture that is probably being put into the interior air and the possibility of CO.

Thanks for your thoughts, I will be inspecting the house today. It should be interesting. Who knows, I may find a gas grill in the bedroom, with christmas lights lining the ceiling, just to enhance the mood.

I’m concerned, to.

The “inspector” who asked this questionis a fireman.


Part time fireman, I work 1 day out of 3. I really just wanted to share this with my fellow brother inspectors

We have a “Members Only” section that is not Googled and accessible to your potential clients like this thread is, Noe. Perhaps you will want to utilize it for a while.

Until then, I suggest for each fire pit you find like this…you recommend that the client install one of our Ozark’ville fire alarms, pictured below.

redneck fire alarm.jpg

O.K., so you are a part time Fireman who also advertises 20 years experience in basic construction, remodeling and handyman work, an eye for detail and safety issues?

I’m really trying to wrap my mind around what is amiss with this question?