Indoor Charcoal BBQ

Anyone else ever run into one of these? House built in the late 1940’s, this “grill” was in the kitchen, didn’t appear to have been used in quite a while. Chimney/flue (not pictured) was clean and in good condition. Should I comment on this grill as I would an open fireplace? Or just disclaim it as outside of scope? Appreciate the feedback!


Pretty cool, never seen that before either. My first concerns are the safety issue of burning charcoal possibly getting dropped / knocked on the flooring. (Looks like wood floor)

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I wish I had one of those.

I would inspect it like a regular fireplace and recommend a level II inspection be performed as well.


[quote=“David Wigger, CMI, Retired, post:2, topic:226846, username:dwigger”]
charcoal possibly getting dropped / knocked on the flooring. (Looks like wood floor)

Typical of the newer generations to need to be reminded of basic safety. Older generations cooked just like this for hundreds of years. It’s a wonder any of us are here.


I’ve seen one in house that my wife was showing to a client, but I wasn’t doing an inspection on the house. I thought it was pretty cool, but if I recall correctly, it had doors on it. House was built in late seventies.

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I’ve only seen them a couple of times. I made the same recommendation.


Yeah, even if a fire did start we would put it out with the garden hose we drink from. :rofl:


Thanks all for the quick replies!

You had plumbing?


that grill height adjuster sure looks like a shin buster from here…


Ran across two of these in 20 years. Although not required to be inspected in my location, I noted the issue and recommended having the chimney inspected before closing. The one issue I didn’t know how to deal with was the additional combustion air. The older house was well-insulated, had new windows and a new exhaust fan in the kitchen - I thought there could be concerns with back-drafting due to the tightness of the residence.

Any Old-timer knows how to deal with that! OPEN THE WINDOW


As long as the chimney draws good.

Look what I found today, I thought it was a little strange that they’d have it in the basement and I have no idea how this thing is supposed to work, maybe for parties to roast marshmellows and cook hotdogs?

It looked like it had a gas starter and it did have it’s own dedicated flue off to the side.


Really interesting. Feel like my kids would want to roast marshmallows every evening if I had that in my house!

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Nothing like watching your heating bill go up the chimney. . . . but it’s EPA approved.

Maybe some of that generation died? Charcoal safe or not, the argument is pure survivor bias without numbers on those for whom it did not work out.