indoor swimming pool

I’ve booked an inspection for Sat. that includes an indoor pool. I’ve informed the client that I will exclude the pool, however, I will make special effort to note any influences that the pool has had on the structure itself.
What do you guys and gals normally do in this situation? Any input is highly appreciated.

Hi Randie,

Maybe some of this could help?

Take a dip and then tell him how you’d like to have one of these babies at your place. That would certainly influence me on a structure with that perk


Note if there are any pool safety devices like self closing doors etc. Also check that any outlets in the pool area are GFCI protected.

Find a HI in your area and ask them if you can shadow them on a pool inspection.

Just a few comments:

The chemicals can adversely affect the rest of the house. How are they being stored? Is there a security system in place in case the chemical levels in the home become too high.

Take the AC system into consideration. The a/c systems main purpose is to dehumidify the house, and that means sucking the pool dry through the a/c condensate lines. I read somewhere that installing a pool cover is a good idea.

Pool Safety barrier issues.

GFCI and bonding issues.

Emergency egress - cannot have emergency egress to the pool area like with an outdoor pool - you are still “inside”.

Safety glass in nearby windows of the pool.

Visible mold on ceiling above.

Wood destroying insect damages to walls in close proximity of the pool.
Light fixturs above the pool.

Receptacles too close to the pool.
If pool equipment is in a enclosed closet area, check out the walls really close around the equipment. Fresh looking paint may be hiding prior water damages.

Good Luck:cool:

Corrosion from chlorine. Many electrical panels located within chlorine smelling range that have aluminum alloy bus the bus is badly corroded. When this is the case the entire panel generally needs replacing. The internal parts of the circuit breakers are usually corroded just as badly. This also can involve switches and receptacles in the general area of the pool. I recommend weatherproof covers on these to slow the corrosion.

yes, storage of the chemicals can be catastrophic.

moisture control is very important.

then the rest of the electromechanical stuff that goes with a swimming pool.

I didn’t have time to do my own research this time out and this is such a good source of info. Thanks one and all. I’ll do more lookin’ and pass on anything of value. Randie