Where does the pool "start"

Hello everyone… I have an inspection in the morning on a home and it has a pool. At this point I’m NOT doing pool inspections… (still need to do the class, get my insurance, an agreement, etc). I’ve already told the client that the pool is excluded from inspection as I do not do pool inspections presently.

Here is the question… I’ve looked over the home via pics on ZILLOW and I can already see an issue that i’m not sure if I should call out or not. There is a paver patio leading up to the pool and the pavers adjacent to the pool coping have sunk down a bit (2-3 inches I’d guess) in one spot. Obviously a poor backfill, possibly a leak, I really don’t know… Would this be considered “part of the pool” (which I’m excluding), or part of the patio? The pavers are literally right at the edge of the pool coping…

My thought it to call them out anyway… just curious what your thoughts are?

IMO it’s a traffic area not to be excluded.
Can’t say yours looks typical like what I see a lot without some detailed pics. :cowboy_hat_face:

Hey Marc – That was my thought… I’ll take some pictures and post them tomorrow…


Best pick I could get from Zillow… (I’ll get a better one tomorrow…)

Report it as a trip hazard. That’s outside of a “pool inspection”.


Good observation. My first thoughts were ‘trip hazard’ like the previous posts.

Typical settlement

Is “typical” acceptable?

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I’ll tell ya for a small modest fee :smirk:

Call it for what it is. That is not in a traffic pattern and not a trip hazard. As you stated, it is probably settlement from the back fill. It could possibly be a pool leak. And it can be easily repaired by removing the paver.

I was advised by my insurer about home inspector liability when it comes to swimming pools, even when they were excluded from the inspection. We are not the ones you should be asking. Talk with your insurer about any question you have concerning liability.

Even if you do not consider that you are inspecting the pool system in its entirety, if you see something, you better say something!

To cover your butt couldn’t you simply put a picture in your report with the statement: “Some pavers near the pool were noticeably lower than those around them. This is most likely due to settling. Pools are excluded from this inspection, however this condition is included as a courtesy and could be considered a trip hazard. Recommend further evaluation from a reputable pool installation and maintenance company.”

I would report it as a deficiency of unknown origin and recommend a paving or pool deck contractor remove the pavers to discern the cause of the problem. Its obvious the base under the pavers is sinking at one rather small spot. If the base under the pavers is a compacted material like crushed concrete or stabilized sand water percolation through the base is bringing the materials into some sort of cavity below the base. It is most likely a leak in a water supply pipe to a jet in the side of the pool under the compacted base. If there is no leak the back-fill around the gunite pool was not properly completed before the pool deck pavers were installed. This is highly unlikely.

Thanks gents! I used Roberts wording for my report… appreciate everyone’s input

Most definitely a trip hazard, possibly more to it than meets the eye.