Inducer fan

Looking for advice on a fan motor on induced draft furnace that failed 6 months after my inspection and agent is asking for help on the repairs?
Furnace was run and tested on inspection, no problems observed, fan was quiet and no vibration noted.
Any liability on this one?
He also mentioned to me the toilets overflowed due to plugged pipe and leaked into basement 6 months later. He is desperate to find someone to help out on repairs?
Comments welcome

You have no Liability if you tested and they worked corectly .
If you know of some one who can help and you are not making any money on the refural then try and give him some names .
You have no idea what the future is .
Many times when people are moving they put things down the toilet they should not .
Roy Cooke .

Electrical equipment such as motors can fail at any time. The motor could have failed the day after your inspection, 10 years later or in your case 6 months. The motor was quite so there was no reason to expect it was about to fail.

Why did the pipe get plugged? Was it from something being put down there that wasn’t supposed to be? Improper pitch? etc.

I agree with Roy and Paul.

It sounds like you did what you could to test, within the SOP, properly. Electrical things fail and pipes plug up. You sold him an inspection, not a guaranty.

Why is the agent calling you? Was he your client?..hard to say what he told the client if it was someone else. I’d talk to my client directly.

The inducer fan is generally the first thing to go out on a furnace!

The client is FOS, thus the clogged toilet. The RE Agent may be spending too much time over there as well! :slight_smile: