Failed Inducer Motor Replacement

Hello everyone,

I got the unfortunate news yesterday that the inducer motor on my 2002 Carrier gas furnace has failed (Series 100 58DLA090-10114). Given the price for the repair job, I have decided to attempt to replace the motor myself. I was quoted $900 to replace the motor. I found the part (Carrier part number HC21ZE122A) online for $70 plus next day air shipping. I’m pretty mechanically savvy but don’t have much experience with HVAC systems. I was hoping for some advice on this job.

Has anyone done this job before? How hard? Any good resources to guide me through it? Pitfalls? If anyone has replaced an inducer motor on a similar model and could provide me with some guidance, I would really appreciated it.


I would not pay $900.00 for that little job either not even with a gun to my head. It is a simple little job. If you are determined to replace it your self the motor is 120 volts ensure you disable the power supply to the furnace.

Take the housing bolts out of the frame pull the blower out of the housing take the blower wheel off and install it on the new motor replace the same takes about 10 minutes

So it really is as simple as:

  1. Cut power source
  2. Unbolt current motor and fan and remove wiring
  3. Replace current motor with new motor
  4. Rebolt assembly and reconnect wiring


Thanks for your response.

…for an expert like Charley. Takes the rest of us 30-60 minutes. :wink:

Seeing as the unit is 10 years old I would make sure you have a new blower wheel to go with that motor.

It will take you longer to take off the blower will then install the entire assembly. Corrosive gas takes its toll on those things.

Red ( hi temp) RTV goop is good to have handy (if it doesn’t come with the motor). If you have a “pressure proving switch” you don’t want any leakage from the blower assembly or it may affect the firing sequence.

I recently pulled mine and took it apart to clean everything. From start to finish it took about 30 mins. but it was hotter than the hinges to hell outside and I had to take a beer break. I went ahead and changed the capacitor while I had it apart as those only cost a couple bucks at the wholesale house. Just make sure you line up the blower wheel so it does not rub against the fan assembly. Basically just a motor swap and about a simple as it gets.

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I should receive the part tomorrow and will let you guys know how it goes. Hopefully no kinks along the way.

Doug, I think you worked on your blower, not the induced draft?

No caps on a motor that small… :wink:

You are right, that is exactly what I did. Thanks for clearing that up.
So, for anyone I confused…Never mind!

Josh: I have the same problem you had in 2011, and was curious if you were able to fix it, or remember any details about how hard it was to fix. fyi, the hvac repairman quoted me a price of $829.


JL Praed