Infloor Electric Heat

Have an inspection tommorrow with in-floor electric heat. Any pointers before I head out? Home about 2100 sq ft. built in the 70’s. I would think service panel, proper sized circuits, and wire size, operation of thermostats, heat source in every room…Any others?

Assuming this is electric elements in the floor;
The code requires that these are installed for each room (not spanning more than one room per heating array) That is why you get individual thermostats. The ones in the bathroom must be GFCI protected along with any other room with a tub or spa in it. Personally I would want GFCI on all of them but it is not required by code.

They also have water based systems that use a central boiler. Those would not have any special electrical requirements but it can be a plumbing/leak issue. Look for water damage.

check for excessive movement in the floors, esp wood strip floor.

Thanks guys, I believe that the elements will be in the floor, from what I was told. Any other thoughts out there?

If your going to QUOTE code make sure you have the CODE for the Timeline in which it was built and what code The AHJ had adopted for their area. NOT TODAYS CODE.

You guys are not code inspectors. You can certainly point out a safety issue and a bathroom with toaster wire in the floor and no GFCI is a hazard.
Aluminum wire using standard devices was OK by code in 1970 but you don’t hesitate to point that out.