GFI Outlet

Today I inspected a house in FL built in 1957. The electirc was updated. But no GFI in the bathroom next to the sink. When I asked the sellers agent she told me that was code in 1957 when the home was built. I said well the electric was recently updated 3 years ago. So that being, the outlet should have been as well right? If someone could help me with this it would be great. Is this ok or should there in fact be a GFI in this bathroom?


I always recommend GFCI protection at receptacles: exterior locations, kitchens - above the countertop & within 6" of the sink, bathrooms, unfinished basements, and garages.

You can make a recommendation for enhanced safety. That leaves the code and the realtors out of it…as it should be.

Check your local AHJ–some require update to current codes when there is significant remodeling or electrical update.

**Although not required when this house was originally built, the bathroom outlets should be ****upgraded by a licensed electrician **to have GFCI protection, which is mandated by current standards and is an important safety feature.

It really doesn’t matter if it is required or not …your job as i see it is to recommend it…You really can’t make them do anything, but your Client is paying for your reccomendations…imho…jim

Simply recommend GFCI’s within 6 feet of water simply for safety of your client.

My advice…Don’t mention (or annotate) codes on any inspection because you’ll only dig yourself a deeper hole.

Thank you all! I did recommend a GFCI outlet in my report. Also a licesned electircian.

I didn’t suggest mentioning codes (I never do)–I merely suggested checking with the AHJ.

The reason for doing so was mentioned, but only for Steve’s edification.

Being as old as that house is, it will require a 4-point inspection. If it is insured by Citizens, as it probably will be, they will require that one be installed.

Thanks Bill