Info for strength of steel beams, pipe, etc

Does anyone know a site that has structural information for pipe (up to 6"), C-purlin, I-beams etc.

Looked at a metal bldg 20’ x 30’. Support structure at each 20’ end (gabled with door opening on one end). 30’ sides were eave edge. Builder used 10-12" c-purlin on 30’ length with no supports through middle; no x-bracing across the bays, or flange braces. :roll:


100_1719 (Small).jpg

Linda, this looks like an Engineered enclosure.

I would try to find the Brand and Manufacturer and request any Manufacturers recommendations and installation requirements. Since the design of such structures is beyond our normal SOP, that would be my direction. Further evaluation by a Prominent installer of such an enclosure would probably be prudent.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The builder ad-libbed. Vertical supports are 6"pipe, attached to plate set in concrete floor. Horizontal angle structure in gable is 2+ inch pipe. I think there should be a center support also at mid point. 30’ seem a long ways for purlin to span. Need info, tho.

Linda; I think it might be wise to Goggle the Manufacturers Specifications of the enclosure design concept and get informed in the concept of it’s design before attempting to point out what should be done or what should be installed. There is no wrong in expressing concerns, but I am one to find out the facts before doing so. JMHO.

Nice job in the concerns you have.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would have to agree with Marcel on this. Always a good idea to get the facts first.

Sure. Have to have the facts. This isn’t a kit building; the builder assembled the various materials and created the structure. You know how stuff is done in the country !!

I had been looking for information, a source that gives specifics for the steel, c-purlin, etc. for length, strength, span ability, That will have to come from structural person that is versed in identification of the pipe, thickness of the pipe wall, grade of purlins, wind load, etc.

Beyond the scope of an HI. ](*,)

Thanks for the input,

Was they’re any sagging in the roof line?
What kind of material is that over the top and sides.?

I use the AISC Manual for Steel Construction

Tim, there is no sagging. Insulation is what you’re seeing between the beams.

Curtis, Thanks. This is the sort of info I was looking for, and hadn’t found.