Info Please

Has anyone heard of or had an experience with US Inspect?
Have a individual that was contacted by them and wanted some reliable info please.
Thanks for your help!

What do you want to know? They are a very large company with some tremendously talented people at the helm.

Talented people that will screw over the consumer every chance they get. The Clemmonshouse in Longwood comes to mind.

I did a Stucco inspection for them.
Good money no problems.
Ya got to wait for your money though.

US Inspect is much larger than the actions of 1 inspector. I am not going to read 1 article and let what I read on the internet sway my judgment on an entire Nationwide company.

I have met some really great inspectors who are associated with US Inspect.

With any company, association, etc… there is always a chance of things happening… or possibly a rotten apple… I just educate myself more.