Ride along

Anyone in a reasonable driving distance of the Tampa area, or in Tampa, interested in letting me tag along on an inspection or two this Monday the 20th?

I’m looking to get into the business someday, and would like to shadow someone who does this for a living.


What do you do now and why are you considering becoming a home inspector?

Come on now Mike, Home Inspectors are needed in Fla.
Not enough to meet demand.

Yeah… we only have around 8700 and something. But only 76 CMI’s at last check :slight_smile:

I build homes for a living. I have worked as a superintendent building single family and town homes for 9 years.

I want to run my own business (and yes, I know first hand that is no where near as easy as it sounds to laypeople) and want to do something that will draw on my knowledge base and strengths. Home inspecting is something I do every day, just one phase at a time over the course of several months, on 15-30 homes at any given time. I am great at working with customers, realtors and sales people, and tradesmen* (*the term “tradesman” is used very loosely). :wink:

I have completed InterNACHI’s 120 course (which actually has helped me in my day job) and am pretty close to obtaining my state HI license. I also hold a certified building contractor license, but haven’t done anything with that. I’d like to slowly but steadily build a business that eventually will lead to a full time career.

It is much nastier than new construction. You have to deal with cheapskates that do not understand what you experience is worth and the mostly only care about price. They will want you to bend over backwards to meet their ridiculous schedules and expect you to jump thru every hoop they can arrange. You will not likely get the respect you are use to. You will be risking a lot financially for a little profit compared to building. The likelihood of being sued for something you could not foresee is great. The competition is great and it is super tough to advertise at a rate that will not break you. Best chance is become a SEO genius on your own. Being in construction my whole life I do inspections now both home and insurance ones just to provide for my family but dislike it quite a bit especially in the summer. Is you current job stable with a regular and dependable salary with benefits? If you do not mind me asking what do you make yearly and do you get benefits. It is a tough biz. Many here love it but if your are used to new construction, respect and getting paid what your experience is likely worth you “may” find out it is not quite what you expect. How do you personally feel about Realtors and insurance agents? Just listing a ton of things you may want to think about before you leap.

I have been self employed my whole life mainly as a sub to major builders. Since the crash I have been inspecting and have a good rep with my clients and all I have worked with and I usually stay busy. Only thing is I hate it. I am trying my darnedest to get in with a Major builder that respects me for my lifetime of experience and the qualifications I have obtained. I now have a 7 year old and wife and really thought I would be retired by now. Surprise I am 44 and looking to totally go to as I affectionately call it the Dark Side because I NEED security for the next 20 or so years and feel I have a ton of experience to offer builders. Good luck and feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have.


You will not likely find someone in your area to help you as you will become their competition. I have done exactly what you are thinking of and am doing very well.

Mike is probably the one of the most negative people here, because he hates it. It is tough sometimes, like anything else but it is how you deal with it and your attitude that makes the difference.

Contact me directly on my cell if you want some more information.

321-six two six - 8153

Good luck

I try to tell how tough it can be and try to point out things that a great many here will not. I do not benefit from being negative. I just am 99% of the time the only other side.
I think with 8074 + inspectors in the State many considering the profession may wish to hear all sides.

Thanks John. I kinda thought the same thing about the competition, which I understand. I am hoping someone form Orlando, Gaineville, Sarasota, Lakeland, etc would chime in.

I’ll definitely take you up on that phone call some time. Thank you very much for the offer.

I believe attitude is everything. Believe you can or believe you can not, either way you are correct. Believe the market sucks or believe it is great, again you are correct.

Ponder this, I am spending the morning looking for a third office person while you look for a different job. Then ask yourself what makes me different from you.

There is no simple answers but everything starts with an attitude.

Bill give me a call this afternoon, 727-642-2793