Infrared Camera for Temple

Hi, I am now sourcing an Infrared Camera for inspection. I mainly need to check the moisture issue, pests (mainly termite) for old temples.

Some of the ceilings can reach 15 meter high, and I need to have exterior scanning too.Can scan longer distance is good (only for building, no need for high electrical power line)

Any idea? We would prefer FLIR. But Fluke may be considered if that Fluke IR camera can suit this need very well.

Thanks in advance

You are not going to find insects with a IR camera.
You need training as to how to use it.

Have you done an IR class? Get your hands on a few. I have a Flir e50bx and love it… Inspector outlet has them. Get educated on what it can do and what conditions will be visible. The best camera without the education wont be useful.

nachi has a few classed coming up.

At a minimum take one of the upcoming IR classes first. Learn the skill, understand differences in cameras and then make your decision. May also want to call Christopher Casey at Monroe Infrared 207-985-7110. He can give you some great info as well.

Better call Infraspection because they wrote a set of standards for it. Tell them they don’t know what they’re doing.

There’s a guy in Palm Beach that has given quite a few presentations on it.

Works for bees too.

Do you have the ability to manipulate temperatures in these places?

If you see an anomaly that appears to be moisture at one of the higher locations, will you have some means in which to verify with a moisture meter?

Are you located inside or outside of the US? That could affect what units are available to you.

+1 on bee’s or similar insects lol we even included an example in our blog

No hating on the blog, the title or the wording we are chasing SEO points :smiley:

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I know that Infraspection has a course about using infrared cameras for pest control. I think we can use this technology for finding hidden moisture, which is a conducive environment for the pest.

It is not a waste of time for finding a good device for this purpose and seek for opinions from other experienced users.

Yes, I am not a US critizen, but we have FLIR distributor here.

Are the higher Mhz units available to you?