New IRT for business

I am in pursuit of information from experienced thermographers as to the top picks of IRT cameras, for home inspectors interested in energy audits and mold scan along with building inspections. I hope to add these services to my business within the next 4-5 months. I do not have a certification or training in the IR field as of yet. Any suggestions?

You can start by reading through these threads

Flir T400 would be top choice, or if you want less b50 or 60 will do.
Flir has a good building sciences course, Snell does as well. train now and in 4 - 5 months when you decide to start offering it you will have a little bit of stick time and understanding of what your looking at.
Also Linas’s links start at page 61 and work to the recent, there is a ton of info on those pages, if you print off some of the pages you will have a decent manual on what IR encompasses

fluke tir1 Camera list for just under 7,000.00. it is for our trade. I put mine up
for sale, but its been so good i do not want to sell it. whatever unit you get, it is better to buy a new unit. look up the fluke TIR1 on your pc. it is the best unit
for the money. I do the building insp. mold insp. lead and radon.and will soon do
asbestos insp.

For about $500 more we can get you resolution of 320x240.
No comparison.

Definitely true what John is saying!

I went from 200x150 to 320x240 and I am simply blown away by the incredible difference.

The 320 x 240 would be worth an extra $2,000 in my opinion, so for $500 more it should be a no brainer. That’s 1-2 inspections and you’ll most likely keep the camera a year or more before upgrading.

If your really shopping I have a basket full of 320x240’s that really perform. I’m Not a distributor. Just IR guy I associated with IR guys that went up to the $80 k range!

What do you get for $80k?

Short range, 640 x 480. John’s next camera.

I can get you any resolution you want at a discount that will shock your socks off. Just let me know what you need.

Attend a Level I Training course offered by an accredited and reputable organization. Base your camera selection on what you learn in training and your goals for the future.

Don’t limit yourself…the skies the limit!!