Infrared Camera

Hi Folks,

Which model of Infrared Camera do you recommend?


The biggest baddest one you can afford. Plus training.

Begin with proper training, and your needs will become evident from the training.

As stated, your plans for your IR camera will determine what you need.

If you just want to do home inspections and want only the minimum
level that will work for that purpose, then consider the follow …

Always buy an IR camera with full warranty, 120x120 resolution,
no more than 100mk sensitivity and good optics. This is the
RESNET standard.

I do not sell cameras, but find good deals for my students.
Our prices are the lowest in North America.

Some of our most popular discounted IR cameras are…

FLUKE TiS… minimum
FLIR e6… better
FLIR e8… much better

I cannot quote prices on a public forum. Contact me at… <>
It is even better to take a good IR class first.

Listen to this podcast on the subject.

Had demo at Vegas and C2 works great for a reasonable price.
Level 3 guy told me it was fine for Home Inspectors when there.

FLIR One works pretty good on your iPhone

Start with the training, then talk about the camera. I took both the Infraspection course for home inspectors and John McKenna’s course. Both are good and I learned from both.

Note: I use an e6. It is adequate, but the scan rate is only 9 hz. Because of this it sometimes freezes.

Even FLIR does not recommend the C2 camera for professional level use by a home inspector. Please send me the contact info of the level three guy you talked to.

Any number of “Level 3 guys” who happen to be professional home inspectors and thermographers here have told you otherwise.

He said that it is just the forum guys protecting their expensive investments.
InterNachi was selling them and during my demo placed a hand on the wall for a split second which very vividly showed the moisture from my hand.

I was impressed by the $550 devise.

water…water…water that’s all I care about and not looking to spend all my free time pretending to be a scientist.

If it sees hidden moisture at walls and ceilings that is all I require.

Do not need to see details [fuzzy is fine ] though I sure saw detail on my hand impression.

The cheapest IR camera ever made can see a surface hand print. During a building inspection we are looking for SUB SURFACE moisture that is not easily seen. A poor resolution IR camera will miss over 50% of defects that need to be found, which exposes you to liability and is a unfair to the client, who thinks you know what you are doing.

In the image below, a poor resolution IR camera could not see the moisture on the right side of the image. There were two sources of moisture. Remember, we are not looking for surface hand prints. Thanks to William Misegrades for the image. This is why FLIR does not recommend the C2 camera for professional use by a home inspector.

Ummm - That weren’t moisture you saw from your hand. Was the “level 3 guy” also confused at what he was seeing?

Have a Flir E8 and a Fluke Ti-32 ($3,900 & $8,900).

Ti-32 is head and shoulders above the E8 with features and capabilities.

For home inspection … The E8 is my choice and all we need.

Don’t overspend.

OK if you are correct and you are a official educator why are you allowing the C2 to be sold and pushed or endorsed by interNachi ?

Does our own association agree with you ?

That was me saying moisture …yes it was heat and moisture meters do not actually measure moisture.
Sorry not being a geek here.:stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for the correction.

My ride along bought a camera from you.Pretty sure it was $2100…which one is that as it found a little moisture spot under a shower stall ?

Kid of impressed me though left with a dilemma as to recommendation to tear down a ceiling and check as it was so minor it was almost nothing.

Still was impressed none the less.

LOL, yep better start with the training.

I’m just trying to save you the embarrassment of saying that the oven exhibits excessive moisture on your first day out with your new toy.

Inspector Outlet is not responsible to hold your hand and make sure you buy a flashlight, circuit tester or IR camera that is suited for your needs. It’s up to you. Just because it’s for sale, does not mean it is the correct choice.

He bought it from our sales rep. I do not sell cameras.