Flir c2

Anyone using a Flir C2?

Would you take that piece of crap into combat?

No, I didn’t think so…

One of the guys in my Cert I class had one. Seemed like very limited capability.

Thanks! Frank. No, I would take the OLD M-14.

Two regional FLIR sales reps have told me in writing of this type of poor resolution camera that they ARE NOT recommended for PROFESSIONAL LEVEL home inspectors.

Please get some training before you buy an IR camera. It will pay for itself many times over.

I actually had a guy write me the other day who said he wanted to start using the FLIR C2 camera so he could compete with the other inspectors in his area, but he knew full well that C2 was an inferior camera. He said he wanted to make enough money doing infrared scans so he could afford a proper camera later.

In other words, he wanted to deceive his client’s and take their money so he could upgrade to a proper camera later, at the client’s expense!!! :shock:

No wonder you still see ads in the back of cheap magazines that say … YOU TOO CAN BECOME A HOME INSPECTOR.


Then the EX320/BX320 is the imager for you. None of that frilly stuff, just a high powered workhorse. A bit long in the tooth, but battle proven.

anybody using the Seek thermal camera?

No, are you?

If so, why? Cause it’s cheap?

No.I’m using a Flir e40.

But I would get a seek if it did a good job for cheap

Sounds like you never spent the coin for proper training.

Jeff, what makes you say that?

I have about 7 years experience with IR in a mold and water damage company, and have passed the InterNachi Infrared Thermography course.

If I’m missing something, please tell me what it is.

That about sums it up right there…

7 years of doing something wrong (not saying you are) will never make it right. So that don’t hold much water.

Simply because it is my experience that a properly trained person who is using appropriate equipment for the task at hand would NEVER make such a statement!
Note this doesn’t exclusively apply to IR.

David and Jeff,

You are not helping. All you do is regurgitate what is wrong. You don’t say what is right.

I’m trying to learn here, and all you are doing is pointing out problems, not solutions.

You say ‘get training’, I say I have training, you crap on it (sarcastically). But you don’t say what training to get.

You dismiss the C2, but won’t say why. That’s not helpful.

What are you really trying to achieve? If you’re trying to help, it’s not working.

If you’re trying to seem superior, it’s not working.

Because I’m tired of saying it for the past 7 years… OK?

Learn how to use the search function damn it!
Just go to the TI section of this MB. Start from the beginning and read slowly. Then you will not have to ask why a C2 is NOT FOR YOU.

Then get some teaching.

Your E-40 should be suitable for using with home inspections. There is nothing wrong with the course you you took. But there are other courses that will teach you more than you have learned so far. The level of training you need depends on what you want to achieve with the camera.

The best way to see the difference is to buy a C2 and compare it to your E40.

I have a level 1 certification. That suits my needs for home inspections.

Your level of training is determine by what you want to talk about.

I can go to the Internet and pull out thousands of thermal imaging scans that are incorrectly analyzed.

For every job there is an appropriate camera.

For every application there is a specific standard.

As Clint Eastwood stated: “a man has got to know his limitations”!

I have two FLIR regional sales reps tell me that the C2 IS NOT RECOMMENDED as a tool of measurement and use on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL for a home inspector.

If you buy it and use it anyway, you will be below the RESNET standard by 400%. You and your clients will suffer because your going to miss defects. I kid you not.

Listen to this teaching on the subject of buying the wrong IR camera.

This is right and this is the training.