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internachi infrared certified thermography course

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I just ran through this course quickly as I have been collaborating with Will Decker with this.

This question in the quiz and the final test does not have an illustration to go along with the question.

A few of these questions I answered as I interpreted the course information and they came up wrong.
Because of how it was taught, and then tested differently, may cause unnecessary confusion.
I may have to go back through the whole course again to verify ( could not back up once I got into the final exam), but you may take another look.

  1. Check answers. Though 90 degrees is wrong, the other options were not close. () was the closest.
  2. Qualitative/quantitative. Qualitative is beyond the scope.

  1. A lot of discussion was given in the course about how water passes through brick. So how did we come up with more dense?

  2. There are two different %# ?

5.The front door vs air infiltration as a primary source of air infiltration? Discussion of how doors and windows leak so much. The front door leaks more than any other single component in a house. Maybe not cumulatively across the building envelope, but it is the single most leaking component you will find.

I am doing this from memory as I can’t just go back w/o taking the whole thing again.


Hi, David.

If you could email me this information, that would be best. This thread is for students to use for discussion about the course. If you can use email, I can include the Education Team, Editor-in-Chief, Will, etc. Thanks for helping us keep our curriculum as accurate as possible.


What is the certification titled?

I’ve been inspecting with thermal imaging for over 15 years. Adding this certification course will be nice to have.

Hi, Ralph, hope this post finds you well.
15 years using thermography. What equipment have you used? Being 15 years, you surely must have used different infrared thermal cameras with varying cameras, settings, and computer software.
What certification/s do you have?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

I now use a Flir T440 which I really like, but they no longer make. I used a B200 Flir first which is similar, and I have An E6 as a back up for whenever I have to send my T440 to be calibrated.

If I was buying new now I’d probably get the T530 or 540.


Dan Bixler-OK lic#258
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