InterNACHI's free, online "Infrared Thermography Inspection Training" video course

The goal of this course is to teach home inspectors about infrared thermography and its applications for inspecting residential properties.

Ben, I am not trying to give you a hard time, but you might want to consider having someone go over this before putting your name and the Nachi seal behind it.

I got 14 pages in and had to stop.

I think you have a great concept and potential service to the members. However, it needs professional help.

Just my 2 cents…will see what the other guys add to the conversation.


I agree Jason except that I reviewed all of it.

The misinformation and downright inaccuracies are astounding.

Great concept like Jason said, but this needs a lot of work and substantially more input from truly knowledgeable sources.
I’m sorry Ben, I like a lot of your work, but I wouldn’t even call this an introductory remedial course… but more so a dangerous, inaccurate, and misguided document for the otherwise unaware.

As a side note, I hope the same grainy and imperceptible images aren’t used on the $500 version of this… :wink:

As a newbie to thermography, watching this right now, what heinous errors and omissions are most notable?

I have not had the time to review it but I will;-)

My father taught me if one can not speak postive say nothing.

I watched about 1/2 of the video and I am speechless

Ben take Bill and Jason’s advice please

Not a problem.

Send me at any errors that you may find in any course, and we’ll make the necessary changes.

Be as specific as possible.

Thank you.

It may be more expedient to go the Gene Kranz route and ask “What do we got on the spacecraft that’s good?”

I only got through a few minutes of skipping through it.

Lemme guess… They had that Infrared Certified guy give all of the input and didn’t consult with any of the real thermographers that have been commenting??? What a waste of talent…

Again, send me at any errors that you may find in any course, and we’ll make the necessary changes.

InterNACHI as a matter of practice reviews course content and instructional design and delivery. Updates and revisions are based upon those reviews and the continual, day-to-day maintenance and editing of the content as issues arise.

Be as specific as possible.

Thank you.

We can start with discussing and covering the fundamental physics of thermal energy… better known as thermodynamics…

perhaps I missed that in the handout and video though, or perhaps this fundamental knowledge just is not important for interpreting and understanding home inspection related thermal images. :wink:

Then we can discuss this general statement from the handout pg 6:

“Cavities, angles, holes, resemble darker areas
in thermal images.”***

Then I would seriously like to know just what the hell the instructor is trying to say here (again from the handout pg 6):

***“Viewing from different ANGELS can affect effective emissivity.***”

Pg 7:

***“Wavelength of the camera can affect the
the emissivity reading of an image.”


Pg 8:

***Low emissivity can be affected by surrounding
objects and will have just a close
“APPARENT temperature”

***Close… hmmm… OK, how close?

Also from pg8:

***Also consider a painted surface vs. a non painted
surface will affect the same material and
cause different emissivity.

***The last 3 words in that sentence has me confused. Someone please explain… perhaps we need to go back to the beginning at page 5 to find the definition of emissivity… oh… that’s right… it wasn’t really defined. Hopefully that will be in the $500 version though. :wink:

Pg 8:

Low emissivity can be affected by surrounding
objects and will have just a close
“APPARENT temperature”***

Close huh?.. how close?

William, please provide the correct solution with each item. Anyone can question something. Also, the free version is a brief overview and will not cover every possible variable. If you fail to supply the correct answers, along with your questions, then you have not given proper feedback to Ben.

John, instead of urging others to extend upon the criticisms that Ben has requested why not simply answer the issues which William has already elaborated on?

This seems like a perfect opportunity for you to very easily bestow your infrared knowledge on others including members and those who might want to attend your course. :wink:

I have not received any recommendations for corrections to the course.

Please send recommendations (if you have any) to my email at