Infrared Inspections

For anyone interested or considering adding or using infrared techniques Snell Infrared will be having their annual conference Thermal Solutions 06 in Sarasota Fl with emphasis in building inspections. There will also be a paper presented in home inspections as well.

As a home inspector who uses infrared I truly recommend anyone considering this technology or anyone with the desire to learn about this technology to visit their website and attend this conference. I am a home inspector and also a Certified Building Thermographer and I will say it is the best tool I own.

There will also be a presentation by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek of Building Science Corporation. Dr. Lstiburek is a true authority in the building industry and this is a great venue to hear him speak.

For additional information visit Thermal Solutions Website at:

Happy Inspections

Jose, I also use thermal cameras but don’t market them as part of my home inpection (thuo i will add on to home inspection for additional $ ) I mostly do thermals for construction companies. Do you market and use the thermal imaging as part of your regular home inspections? If so how?
Thanks for any tips.
Jamie Wisecup