Infrared Link Exchange


I need related links on my newer IR site…PLEASE.

I promise you, this site will be even higher on search engines in the coming months. I’m having Roberta (the GOD of web site developing) work on SEO for this particular site and it will dominate other sites. I guarantee you.

This site is less than a month old and I’m already on page 1 (one) of Google and right in the number 1 (one) position using the keywords “massachusetts infrared imaging” and “massachusetts thermal imaging”.

Please consider adding my link and you will see surprising results in the coming months.

Thank you all, in advance.

Here are my linking details…

Title: Massachusetts Infrared (Thermal) Imaging


Description: Level 1 Thermographer performing infrared (thermal) inspections. Scanning your building with my infrared camera provides me with crucial information about issues that may be lurking behind the finished surfaces of your home. Call 978-683-4984.

Thank you in advance

David, did you update your listing on my site to include both site links?

Damn, Great idea.

I’ll do it now.

Thanks Dom.

Sure thing, glad to help.


Nice Site, David.



I have your link here:
Here’s my info:
Dapkus Home Inspections Inc.
Serving the greater Chicago area providing thorough and unbiased home inspections utilizing Thermal Infrared Imaging.



How about link exchanging? Please?


Thank you kindly.

You’re link is here.

Currently I do not have a page or area where I have reciprical links I’ll look into addiding it to my ITI Site.

I’ll put you on


You are added on this page:

Left column…


David please add mine

Dominic, pllease give me a call or an email. I need some web site help.

Thanks Dave. Nice website !!!


Thank you so much.

You are linked here.


Not a problem.

Just give me your link information and please tell me where my link is located. I can’t seem to locate it.

Anyone else interested?

This IR site is gaining SE popularity by the week.

C mon guys. What do I have to do to get you to exchange links?

Offer you a monthly wage?

I’m in number 1 positions on both Google and Yahoo under keywords…

infrared massachusetts
massachusetts infrared
thermal imaging massachusetts
massachusetts thermal imaging