List Your Infrared Website Link Free

List your Infrared Certified web site link Free. First come, first served.
We are already showing up on google’s front page for some search terms
and we have had over 100 hits today, before lunch. Get your listing in now.

Post your information on this thread and I will add you to the list.



Thanks, John.


David Valley - Massachusetts Home Inspections

Roy Cooke

** **

East Central Ontario


Kevin Weiss


Thanks John

Thanks John.


Thanks John,

Dapkus Home Inspections - Serving Northern Illinois

Your info has been added. Everyone needs to be sure to give me your state in which you work.

Decker Home Services - Serving Chicago and the Nothern Suburbs.

Thanks, John.


I really appreciate you adding our sites to this web site.

Do you think you could hyperlink these websites, so that clients can simply click on them, instead of cutting and pasting the text into their browser?


Thanks John!!

Thanx John


Richardson Home Inspections, LLC

Serving the Washington DC Area

Your listings have been added.

Is this just for Nachi certified or does ITC certification count

Hi John

You have not listed me on the website.

And if I can make a suggestion, can you list the provinces and maybe the cities.

Mario Kyriacou

Thanks again John

This list is for any inspector who has completed the condtions described
on the IC page Nick created…

I will list any location you serve… just like gave in the first example.

Anyone can be listed.

Mario and Charley,

Your sites have been listed.

I guess the answer is NO, ayyy?

At this time we are a brand new site and have 0 page rank.
If I start loading up my site with tons of outbound links,
It will not help my page rank get established.

Therefore the best I can offer is a fee listing, at least for now.
I am not asking for any backlinks to me.


Thanks John but you missed SP my name Bottger


Charley Bogger - serving Oklahoma