Infraspection Releases New Standard for IR Inspection of Solar Panels

Dear All:

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the release of a new standard titled, Infrared Inspection of Installed Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. Covering both ground-based and aerial inspections, the new standard brings to ten the number of standards published by Infraspection Institute pertaining to infrared inspections and non-contact temperature measurement.

For more information visit the Current News page of the Infraspection website.

Better get your patent applied for!

Great work Jim.
I can imagine allot of hard work went into “New Standard for IR Inspection of Solar Panel”

That’s what makes you the leader in Thermography, education, literature and the studies of Infrared.
Best regards as always Jim.

Thanks Jim.

Well apart from these standards I hope efficienty of panels increases for better output…