New Standards for Infrared Thermography

Infraspection Institute is pleased to announce the release of eight new standards for infrared thermography. Four of the new standards cover thermal imaging applications and four are dedicated to equipment operation and temperature measurement.

Titles of particular interest to Home and Building Inspectors are listed below. These documents are a ‘must have’ for anyone providing infrared inspection services.• Standard for Infrared Inspection of Electrical Systems & Rotating Equipment
• Standard for Infrared Inspection of Insulated Roofs
• Standard for Infrared Inspection of Building Envelopes
• Standard for Infrared Inspections to Detect Pests and Pest Related Damage

For information on other available titles, visit the Infraspection Institute website.

Copies of the new Infraspection standards are available in PDF format and may be purchased by calling Infraspection Institute at 609-239-4788 or visiting the Infraspection Online Store.

Jim Seffrin, Director

Infraspection Institute

I might be wrong but this looks to me like what I see on Training Home Inspectors .
Some thing new comes along and many want to get a slice of the cake.
We have many many trying to get new students to become Home Inspectors and we all know very very few of those who take these courses last as home Inspectors .
We then have many who all have a computer course they want the home inspectors to buy.
There are far more train home inspectors not working as Home Inspectors as there are working as Home Inspectors .
This IR training looks to me to be going the same way.
Many want to make money training others and hope to get more enthused in taking their Courses.


Hi Roy,

These guys have been providing IR Training for over 20 years. But you are correct about many people wanting to jump on the band wagon for training people in IR. Personally I would rather go with someone that has been doing it for some time instead of someone that just started last year.

Mr. Seffrin,

After your many years of providing IR training, could you tell us what makes these standards “new”?

Thank you,


I do not mean to cause trouble or arguement, only to prompt discussion and bring to light a few facts.

Standards usually refer to industry, professional or governmentally imposed standards (i.e., have the authority of law or industry or professional consensus behind them).

The Infraspection Institute is a good school, but it not the arbitor or industry or professional standards.

Since the post was appended to a link to a “store”, I can only assume (and correct me if I am wrong) that they are trying to sell something and use the misunderstood (by many) term or standards to try to convince those on this board that there actually are professional or industry or governmental standards for these courses.

Just providing information.

“Hope this helps” come on Will, that’s almost like a signature line. Ya gotta put it in. :smiley:

“Just providing information” ahh, I guess I’ll get used to it. LOL


I’m trying to be more diplomatic.

Hope this helps.


You might want to do a little research before opening your mouth (keyboard).


It’s good that Will is willing to challenge the way things are said. Home
Inspectors have been sold a bill of goods for a long time concerning
infrared courses. Thanks Will, for making people think.

BTW… the ASTM and ASNT standards are not for home inspectors. Again
you have to go back ten years to figure out why old verbiage may not relate
to the HI industry standards of today and the inspectors needs as thermographers.

This kind of reasoning has gone unquestioned by inspectors not willing to think.

I stand corrected.

My only concern was that vendors have set up their own standards, and, without references to publiclly and freely available standards, it is difficult to know what is an industry best practices standard and what is just a vendor marketing (and sales) opportunity.

I apoligize if my post implied anything else.

As previously posted, I am trying to be more diplomatic.

One final point, and I hope no one takes this badly.

If there are industry standards for best practices (which there seem to be), why does one have to pay to read and learn from them?

Maybe this is why so many General Contractors build badly and not in accord with these standards.

Maybe the sub-contractors would read and learn from the standards if they were freely available (or only cost copying and mailing fees).

Why do the professional organizations have to charge so much for these standards.

I would posit that if they were concerned about the quality of the work done, that they would make these standards more freely available.

If they did this, would the whole construction industry, and the general public, be better served?

Again, not trying to slam. It just seems to be counter productive.

One good thing about Infraspection is that they don’t sell cameras. They are somewhat like InterNACHI (not accepting paid ads) in that they can freely voice their opinions about cameras and service.

Why ruin a good thing??? :smiley:

Having not read the ASNT standard myself I can not categoricaly say that the standard does or does not pertain to our industry.

Tha being said I would be willing to bet that a clever thermographer trainer could devise a training program for HI’s that met the ASNT employer certificates based on Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, devised strictly for Home Inspectors.

I could use the verbiage that my training was given to me by an educational
vendor that met the ASNT standards and it would sound very impressive
to the untrained ear. But so far, the ASNT standards for thermography
courses Level I, II, III were developed about 10 years ago and have very
little to do with a home inspection. Why? Home inspectors were not using
IR cameras for home inspections back then and the courses were not
develped with them in mind.

A Level III ASNT certified thermographer cannot use an IR camera
to inspect a house, if he was not trained as a home inspector to go
with it. Just ask them.

I know John, the intent of my message was to see if some of our learned memebers were up to the chalange of developing a Home Inspector specific standard that would meet the employer certificates based on *Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A. *
If you read the vendors web site at the top they provide differnt levels of certification based on the reccomended practices for EMPLOYERS, and not recognized as a ASNT NDT cert whatsoever. Sorta inspector cert sleigt of hand if you will. I would still bet that some smart INACHI Thermographer could come up with a reccomended practice for HI’s using thermal imagery, and they could base their program on the snt-tc-1a standard and make up their own certs… Just a thought…

Well said.

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