Injection pits

Do injection pits in the basement need a check valve?? is it a code. Also separate circuits for sump and injection pit???

What is an “injection pit”? Never heard of one. What is being injected and why?

Steve do you mean a Sewage Ejector Pump ?


Sewage ejector is what I believe he meant to say.

OK lets call it a Solid waste pump which pumps waste material up to the sewer line. Check valve yes !?! dedicated circuit too ?

Oh, a poop grinder pump?

check valve foshizzle…You sure don’t want that stuff back once You send it…

unknown if it is actually required but i would definitely recommend one- a vent pipe also.

Most grinder pumps have built-in one way valves. Most all counties/cities require alarms if the grinder pumps fail. Not required on sump pumps.