Sump or Sanitary

I had a hard time determining if this is a sanitary or a sump pump.

The pump had a sealed crock so I wasnt able to open.
We are not required to open sealed crocks correct?

There was no vent but a check valve.

The basement was finished so I couldnt see any of the pipes except the discharge at the back of the house.

The basement has a finished basment & laundry.

So, is this a sump or sanitary?

I recommended a plumber to evaluate the pump.

There was other issues with the plumbing like a gurgling hot water tank. It was so noisy I was actually scared it was going to blow.

Is the average life of a pump about 7 years?


There only appears to be a discharge. Ideally there should be a shut off valve, and vent. Otherwise with no vent you will likely get odours eminating. But if I had to guess I would say it a laundry pumping out to a dry well. If there is no basement bathroom then again its likely laundry.

You are not require to open sealed sewage ejector sumps.

It appears to be plastic on the foundation wall.

I’ll bet this is pump connected to a basement waterproofing system.

Are the outside floor edges of the basement a different color?

Typical sump pump install. Every home in my area built after around 1980 has been required to have one installed. Drain tiles under and around the basement flooring direct water away from the foundation to the sump pump and the water is discharged. With newer construction the water is sent to a drain system, normally the storm, older system’s pump right into the yard.

They can be sealed or not, no matter. Sometimes there sealed to help prevent gases…radon…from entering home.

Life of a sump pump could be any where from 1 day to 100 years. Recommend a back up system…battery, or water powered.