Input please

This is the main entrance/laundry area. I would appreciate knowing how you guys would call this out. The house is 90+ years.




Hi Scott,

The unprotected NM (Romex) wiring is obviously a problem, other than that I see no issues.



Thanks Gerry, I agree, but what would you recommend doing to remedy it? even though we do not make those recommendations.


Steel protection around the cables?

I would also be concerned about the close proximity to the water (washing machine) and the lack of accessability.

Looks like a typical 90 year old set up in a home that has not been upgraded in years and years and years. The electrical cables could be protected very easily.

The proximity to water is a non-issue. The accessibility is.
The protection of the cables is also an issue.

Like Ray says, this is typical of houses of this era. Before H-Is stuff like this never got a second look and was almost never a problem.
Thing is folks over the years added and changed things. IMO the laundry should have never gone there. Maybe they had no choice? Who knows.
Unfortunately, with the advent of H-Is the current owners of houses like this get burdend with correcting 90 years of mistakes (for lack of a better word).

A wooden box framework covering around the wires would be a perfect protection and also look good. Like was said though, you are not in the position of making this type of suggestion.

I would like to know if you opened the panel?And if so how?


I would make that suggestion to current homeowner Speedy.
Also the ONTARIO ELECTRICAL SAFETY CODE states 1 meter free space in front of panel.I know we are not doing a code inspection ,but I would not open panel with laundry in front of panel.


While the HI is not in the position to do so…a good HI would make the suggestion of boxing it in…which is what I would suggest and to be honest with you the client should trust in the HI and that suggestion if anything “Verbal” at best…is a suggestion in their best interests.

Defects show the lack of proper working spaces about the electrical equipment not in compliance with the NH State Laws and there is evidence of work done by non licensed and unqualified persons.

Thanks for the input guys, and yes, I did open the panel box. I did notice there did not appear to be any grounding to plumbing or on the outside meter box no ground wire running anywhere, let alone to a rod in the ground. And the ddrip loop that was almost horizontal.

Before you condemn the electrician you would have to know when they bought the washing machine :wink:
Some could argue the washing machine was portable and was just “saving” the working space for you.
The shelf above it is more troubling from a working space aspect.
I would agree the romex was subject to damage but the fix is pretty easy. Just nail up a 1x2 on each side and cover it with plywood.

Actually there are two machines here. They are not pictures of the same space so it is the dryer that is in front of the panel.

It is the same space, the first picture is the washing machine, to the left, the second picture, is the dryer and Breaker panel.


I am like Greg in the observation…both seem to have a wall to the right of them so they don’t look like the same locations.

While the clearance is a issue and would not be accepted today I am not sure you can do much on it now other than note it and why it is a safety concern.

As for the NM Cables and such…I would suggest a protective divider be installed around them ( ie: wood and such ) and note why it is a recommendation.

I would do as greg suggests and understand the home is 90 years old as well. On the inside of the panel issues note as you should in your report those that concern you or lack of proper installation and that is about all I would report on in this case.