Need your opinion

Saw this on todays inspection, Had to do a double take. I have never seen one like this, OK ?

Double take at what? The box itself? If so, I see them all the time.

That the electrical is so close to the plumbing, Should the outlet for the washing machine be GFCI protected. It just seems to me that if there was a backup in the drain or a leak in the hoses could be a problem.

The NEC was recently changed to require GFI protection if the receptacle was within 6’ of a laundry tub. That drain line would not trigger the need for GFI.

It doesn’t look like a very good idea

There is nothing in the NEC to prevent this install.

Yeah you wonder who came up with that one. :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t look like a good idea deas it.

Certainly no worse than if the receptacles were mounted in the drywall.

It is common for people to think the proximity of electrical and plumbing (as you have pictured) is, or should be prohibited, when in fact, it is not. Nor (in my opinion) should it be.

As Jim stated, GFCI protection would be required today, but the plumbing system is already (at least it should be) bonded to the electrical system.

I see no problem with this installation.

Mike Holmes would have a BIG problem with this. He scares the crap out of people when any water pipe is within 3-4 ft of the panel or especially if a pipe runs runs above the panel.

The pipe above the panel may be a problem if it is in the dedicated space.

Also remember that he is in Canada where the CEC rules are different than under the NEC. It is also television. Heck the show the other day said they could not put light switches within 3’ of a sink. Under the NEC they can be right outside the footprint of a tub or shower.

And I always see Candice Olsen putting chandeliers over bathtubs and within 3’ of the edge of a shower space. Is that legal in Canada?

If there is not sink within 6’ then it would not be a problem today either based on what it only shown here.

I have seen that beast just once in Fort Pierce, FL and do not think it is UL listed.

Appearance is questionable,
but is deemed acceptable…