Electrical service panel

Bedsides the fact that the panel is over a washing machine, inside a cupboard and behind a wall, does anybody see a problem with the electrical.

P.S I did not remove the the cover, buyer’s boyfriend did.

Thanks for any help

service panel 2.jpg

service inside 2b.jpg

service inside2a.jpg

How’s this

service panel 2.jpg

service inside 2b.jpg

Sorry, the images are too small for me to make any professional comments in regards to the electrical. I just can’t see them well enough.

You mean besides the working space problem and the double taps?

I guess those push button edison breakers probably indicate they blew a lot of fuses. I can’t see the wire well enough to see if they are the right size.

I would never let a client near the panel, let alone remove the cover.
If they are injured or killed it is your responsibility.

no exceptions!!


It’s hard to find anything right with this installation. Double-lugged hots and neutrals, missing entrance connectors, bend radius on the side entrance, and it looks like they have lugged on to the hot side of the main so that you have a #12? wire with no overcurrent protection. And besides all that it’s sloppy and I hate sloppy work.

I did not allow him. I was informing the buyer that I was not going to inspect the panel. A few minutes later he came back upstairs and told me he remve the cover. I told him of the hazards and told the buyer I will not nor should anybody here put the cover back on.

I understand why the client (or boyfriend) should not remove the cover, but why would you not remove and or replace the cover?

I love those grounds bundled in the middle picture on the upper left.

I’ve removed and replaced worse covers. That one doesn’t appear to be an issue.

Crappy insides though!! :roll: