Insects in attic??

I found these “crater” looking things in the attic’s insulation today. In the center of the crater there is a small hole. There were probably about 25-30 of these throughout the attic. My guess is some form of insect burrowing. I also thought, because of the discoloration, it could be due to water dropping. However, there is no sign of water penetration throughout the attic. I have never seen these before and was hoping someone else has. Thanks in advance. \

Justin, Broomfield CO

condensation dripping off exposed nails???

That was my first thought also.

That’s what I thought too, but is this possible in Colorado?:slight_smile:

Looks like drips from condensation forming on nails. Did you notice if the nails were rusty?

I did not see any rusty nails up there but looking at that last photo there does appear to be a rusty nail on the top, so there very well could of been. The rusty discoloration would make sense to condensation forming on the nails.

Wow, learn something new every day here.

Me too.

Really nice observations. I learn something new everyday.:slight_smile: