Inspect Now Software

:mad: Is anyone else using Inspect Now software? I have had nothing but problems, as soon as I think all is working fine something else fails. From not being able to put pics in the body, haveing to re-install on PDA, re-install on PC, to today no pic on cover page and Jeff at borealis just told me that the IPAQ 6515 i use won’t let me put pics in the body and that they are testing a new app for the software to correct these problems(there web page said nothing about this problem before i bought the phone/PDA $400.00), there has not been one inspection that i have not had to call tech support. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems with it.

I wanted to add that Jeff has worked with me to get an update for the problem with the pics also my computer guy removed quicktime and that was why i was unable to have the pics. He also said that they will have another update in a couple of weeks for the problem with the pics option not being on the screen of the ipaq. i am still a little upset, it seems they rushed the program out before complete testing was done. Althought it seems they are working to fix all the problems.

I 2nd the rush job of getting it out. I still cant get it up and running , I still havnt seen the update and am pretty ticked off about the tech support for the software.

there’s an update on the web page, and the update i got today for the pics jeff had to email to me. Call Jeff

I’ve used the software for 3 years. PC version works great. Never have a problem. I’ve never found software as good as the PC version.

Pocket Inspector sucks!!! It hasn’t worked properly since it was introduced and the update is always “coming”. Chuck the handheld and get a tablet. You life will be so much nicer.

The way to have solid performing Pocket PC software is to design specifically for the Pocket PC then move it to the desktop, like Palm-Tech.

The iPaq 6515 is one of the only PocketPC devices that has a 240x240 screen and that is what the issue is with getting to the picture button in the InspectNOW software. It is not a bug in the software. This device does not have a true 1/4 VGA screen (240 x 320). As far as I know all of the other software for home inspectors will not display correctly either including the new Home Gauge PocketPC version. It is a hardware issue and something that HP messed up on.

Call us for support if you are still having problems. We having on record only 1 support call from you for about 5 minutes on June 6 where you were entering the wrong registration number in.

I agree with you completely. It is much easier to have the software developed for the handheld devices first and then create a PC version from that instead of the other way around. Otherwise what happens is you try to mimic the interface you had on the PC onto the PocketPC and that never works very good. That is why we started our interface on a handheld first (The Apple Newtons) and brought the SAME interface to the PC. PalmTech and Borealis are the only 2 products that I know of that have been developed that way.

Inspectionwise is a PDA/PPC friendly developed software. I have used it with very few problems and would recommend it.

I agree Bob Payne has developed software from the PocketPC also. His software is more geared towards Texas thou but he may have expanded it to be more generic and not tied to the TREC form recently.

Seth, I am also disappointed with inspectNow as well. I thought it was just my lack of computer knowledge but I am have problems just as you described. Anything from missing details of the report that are in the pda but when I review the finished report it is missing deatails I tapped on the pda (can really get you in trouble). Jeff has been helpful but I still think software is not up to par.

I see you purchased the software in April and probably have the very first version of InspectNOW. Please call us and we will help you make sure you have the latest version. We have over 400 inspectors using the InspectNOW software now since April of this year and thousands of inspections done each day with it. I know the current version has no issues of data missing in the report.

I purchased my copy last year at the Fort Worth conference and have had no problems. However, I recently used my 100 licenses and interested in purchasing the original program and not the new InspectNow based on the above comments. Is that possible?

what is the website address for inspectnow

Contact Dominic at Home Inspector Pro.

Best report system in my opinion.