Inspected this today

Chinese drywall

Ahh…John…first I’ve seen anyone finding any Drywall…Nice Catch…!


Good find. We dont have so much up here in Mi. Im thankful for you posting your findings.

John ~

Thats the first ive seen in an inspection.

Good catch! Have not come across any up here in my neck of the woods.

Great reminder.

With these box stores getting supplies from whoever this can show up anyplace.



Were you able to find a ‘smoking gun’…perhaps by looking at the drywall in the attic? If not, how did you report it? Was there a strong odor in the home?

I wonder where the homeowner will go from here. This can be a catastrophic mess for folks to resolve. But knowing is still better.

Thanks for sharing your find!

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The main electrical grounds speak for themselves, they are black. It appears that the home has contaminated Chinese drywall. I recommend testing and deconstruction for conformation. There was no need to report it they knew even before I showed up.

Removal of the drywall seems to be the only answer.

John what neighborhood, who was the builder and how old was it?

Good photos John…deconstruction! thats a word nobody likes to here

I am not sure of the builder, but it is SW Palm Bay, Just South of Jupiter Blvd by Elderon.

I was actually most interested in the age. Did it fit the profile for the age criteria normally expected (2004 or 5 ) or was it a remodel after the hurricanes? It was great that such obvious signs were present making the identification so easy. Truth is that it may not always be so, as I am sure you are aware.

John ,what is the material behind your first picture on the wall.
It looks like fiberglass.

Fiberglass tub surround.

Built 2007

Thanks John , I thought it might be ,but the angle seemed like you might be standing.
I have yet to see PEX around here.

How’d the A/C coils look? Did you get a pic of them? Did you see the name brand in the attic? Built in 2007? Wow…interesting.

The coils are pictured below.

A significant portion of the house has drywall that was manufactured by Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin(as labeled). Portions of the drywall was , ASTM C139681395, manufactured in the United States of America.

I have also found Knauf Natural which is non reactive in other homes in the area.

Hey Jeff - Are you the same company as in CA? I like the format of your inspection report. What software do you use?